List of Best Custom ROM for Gionee P12 Based on Android 11

  •  Android 12 :
  •  Android 10 Q:
  • Android 9 Pie:
  •  iOS 14 Rom:
  •  EMUI OS 11:
  •  MIUI 12.5:
  •  One UI 3.0:
  •  Flyme OS:
  •  Graphene OS:
  •  LeWa OS:
  •  Liquid Remix :
  •  Stag OS:
  •  Syberia Project :
  •  Candy OS:
  •  XenonHD:
  •  CopperHead OS:
  •  Realme UI:
  •  DerpFest OS:
  •  Carbon ROM:
  •  AOSmP ROM:
  •  Cosmic OS:
  •  PE Extended ROM:
  •  Arrow OS:
  •  Pixel Plus ROM:
  •  Evolution X ROM:
  •  MSM Extended ROM:
  •  POSP ROM:
  •  Pixys OS:
  •  AICP ROM:
  •  OMNI ROM:
  •  Revenge OS
  •  Android 10 Q ROM:
  •  Android 9 Pie ROM:
  •  Liquid Remix ROM
  •  Nitrogen OS ROM:
  •  Lineage OS:
  •  Havoc OS:
  •  Resurrection Remix:
  •  DerpFest ROM:
  •  Bootleggers ROM:
  •  CrDroid OS:
  •  AOSiP OS:
  •  Pixel Experience ROM:
  •  Fulmics Rom:
  •  AOSP Extended Android 11 for Gionee P12:
  •  Renovate Ice ROM:
  •  Oxygen OS Rom:

What is Android Stock ROM?

But First of All we must Know the Difference between a Custom Rom and Stock Rom or Firmware. When you buy a brand new Android device like you have bought Gionee P12, it comes equipped with a “Stock ROM,” also known as the “Stock Firmware” provided by the manufacturing Firm of Gionee P12. The stock ROM is the preinstalled operating system on your Gionee P12 at time of purchase. The stock ROM has limited functionalities that are defined by the Gionee P12’s manufacturer. If you wish to have extra features added to your Gionee P12, then you will have to resort to custom ROM. For Example , If you want to install Android 11 on Your Gionee P12 , But Company is not Going to give Android 11 Update for Gionee P12 Officially via OTA Update ,Then Custom Rom is the only Choice Left with you . In Another way , iPhone is Popular device in this world and Every user of Gionee P12 might be willing to taste some features of iOS 13 or iOS 14 on Gionee P12 . And all of these things are possible because of Custom Rom .So Let us move to the Another Section of this post .

What is Custom ROM?

As you all know Android is an open source platform where a developer can take all the source code from Google and build their own operating system images for Gionee P12 from scratch. This Custom or Home built an app is known as Custom ROM. Custom ROM replaces your Android Operating system (Stock ROM) which comes with your Gionee P12 It comes with a kernel which makes it a fully standalone OS to work with Gionee P12. So some developer in the Android Community will customize the Android OS by stripping all the Garbage and makes it a pure Android experience with no carrier-installed app or OEM apps. This Custom ROM is been updated regularly by the community and developers where they fix all the bugs related reports. Custom ROM also allows you to experience the latest Android OS even if the OS has not available to your Gionee P12. I think now you are aware of actually what Custom Rom is .

Best Custom ROM for Gionee P12

Now you are aware of both the Terms Stock Rom and Custom Rom ,Which means that we can move Forward with gaining some info about Gionee P12. At the Top of this post a list is Given regarding Best And Stable Android 11 Based Custom Rom for Gionee P12 . Now be ready to experience these Custom roms in depth , I will go through each and every Rom that can be Installed on Gionee P12 and Simultaneously we will gather info about the features that will be Available to Gionee P12 after installing that particular Rom . And at the End Finally You will be Able To choose Your favorite Custom Rom for Gionee P12 . So, Lets Go.

Latest Updated Custom ROMs for Gionee P12

In this Section of the post all the Features and Specifications of Various Roms are Introduced which can be Installed on Gionee P12. The Pros and Cons are Discussed as Below :-

Pixel Experience ROM

If you want to experience stock-based UI on Gionee P12 then no other ROM can beat the Pixel Experience. It gives full experience of Pixel on Gionee P12 and on top of that, it comes with the latest Android OS with 11th Iteration. The ROM has gained the popularity since the launch of Google Pixel 2. In this ROM the Google Camera comes by default so you do not have to enable Camera2 API on your Gionee P12.From my experience, I can say that this ROM is the fastest ROM and also it is ideal for gaming in Gionee P12. But if you are looking for a customizable ROM then this ROM is not for you. And if you need performance just go for this ROM and you will not be disappointed.

Oxygen OS ROM
How to Install Oxygen OS on Poco F1 | Best Custom ROM for Poco F1 ... 

You all know Oxygon OS is the official UI for OnePlus Gionee P12s and developers have ported the Oxygen OS directly from OnePlus 9 to Gionee P12 which is based on Latest One UI. The ROM is based on Android11. All the gestures that are available on OnePlus 9 are also working on this ported ROM for Gionee P12.The ROM performs well in Antutu benchmark and secured good numbers while experimenting on Gionee P12. Games also work good on this ROM but compared to pixel experience it lags behind. If you decided to go for this ROM I will suggest to go into setting of Gionee P12 and hide the Notch. And battery performance is not up to the mark but you can flash custom kernel and fix that too.

Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix is one of my favorite custom ROM for Gionee P12 since I started to know about custom ROMs. Because of reliable and bug-free experience. This ROM supports most of the devices including Gionee P12. The Resurrection ROM is based on Android 11 and Android 12 as well.This ROM is especially for the users of Gionee P12 who like the balance between customization and performance. The ROM gets the update very frequently which helps in providing bug-free experience to users of Gionee P12. Whenever Google will Launch Android 12 , this Rom will Also Start Giving Android 12 Update too for Gionee P12 which is good Point for this Resurrection Remix ROM for Gionee P12 Based on Android 11.

Liquid Remix ROM

Liquid Remix Oreo 8.1 Rom Review | Best Custom Rom | - YouTube
Liquid Remix is a smooth ROM with long term usage without affecting the performance of Gionee P12. It is an Android 11 based ROM with lots of manual customization options for UI. It also supports Face unlock and Fingerprint unlock. It comes with enabled camera2 API and Google camera app by default which is not working good at all in Stock Rom.The ROM supports OTA update so that’s another advantage of this ROM. It has various gestures to choose from like AOSP gesture, Carbon gesture, and stock gesture. All the gestures work well on Gionee P12 after Installing this Android 11 based ROM.

Havoc OS ROM

Havoc OS 3.0 - Most PowerFul Android 10 ROM ! - YouTube
If you are a user who likes too much customization the Havoc OS ROM is for you. The customization on this ROM is just insane, almost everything in this OS is customizable which is not available in Stock Rom of Gionee P12. After installing this ROM you don’t need modules which are made for customization. It is an Android 11 based ROM .The ROM also performs very well on multitasking and gaming. So you can use it for a long duration of time without any problem. You can enable camera2 API on this ROM by going to settings and toggle the option. The battery life on this ROM is also good which last around 15 hrs, and you can also extend it by some tweaks on Gionee P12.


AOSiP - Best Android 10 Rom ! - YouTube
The recent update of AOSiP ROM for Gionee P12 is running on Android 10 Q official build. Earlier there were many Android Pie versions of this ROM were released, but all of them were in beta. The experience that this ROM provide on Gionee P12 is just amazing. Fingerprint sensor on this ROM is faster than other ROM. The ROM build that I tested does not have any camera preinstalled. But the camera2 API on this ROM is enabled by default. So you can install Google Camera or any camera you want on your Gionee P12 Device. The apps on the Gionee P12 load a bit slower but it is having good RAM management. It comes with all the stock customization. But other than stock it does not offer many customizations that are available on Havoc & Liquid Remix.

Syberia Project ROM

Syberia Project is a well developed ROM for Gionee P12. Both Official and Unofficial build of this ROM are good and less buggy. It is an AOSP based ROM developed by ‘Syberia Team’. The ROM gives more like stock experience with few customizations. The Camera2 API on this ROM is disabled by default and also not included any toggle to enable in Settings. So you have to enable from Magisk or by connecting Gionee P12 to PC. The experience you will get in this ROM is amazing, because of its multitasking performance and RAM management. Google pay is not working on this ROM in the build I tested, but in later updates, it can be fixed for Gionee P12. Although you can use Google Pay and other banking App by changing some settings in Google Play services for Gionee P12.

 PE Extended ROM

If you are thinking that its another Pixel Experience ROM for Gionee P12 then you are right. It is a Pixel Experience ROM with extended features like customization and all. As this is a Pixel-based ROM the Google Camera comes pre-installed with this ROM. Also, you can install any other Manual Camera, because the Camera2 API is enabled by default. The ROM includes GApps by default and so you don’t have a burden flash GApps manually. If you are looking for a ROM with Maximum performance and customization as well then you can try this ROM on Gionee P12.

 Arrow OS ROM

Arrow OS is an AOSP based custom ROM developed for many devices. The UI on this ROM is simple, clean and attractive based on Android 11. And also delivers great performance including Multitasking, RAM management, gaming etc. The main feature of this ROM is that it supports dual VoLTE, yes both SIM supports VoLTE .The ROM gives a complete stock look on settings, toggle bar, notification panel, and launcher. Battery performance on this ROM is average but with custom kernel and few tweaks you can increase the battery performance for Gionee P12.

 Lineage OS ROM

Lineage OS is a very popular custom ROM among developers. They like to work on it because of its popularity and great response. The Android 11 built (unofficial) of this ROM is now available for Gionee P12. The performance of the custom ROM is really good. It is also an AOSP based ROM and offers great RAM management and multitasking feature for Gionee P12. Official build is not available right now but there are chances that developer will show interest in developing LineageOS 19 for Gionee P12 very soon.
Pixel Plus Rom

Almost all Gionee P12s have a battery saver application that gets activated automatically whenthe battery falls below 15-20% or you can even switch it on manually. In Havoc however, you get multiple features to do so. One such feature is ‘Sensor block per-package’.You can switch it on manually. What this feature does it that it essentially blocks the access to certain sensors on your Gionee P12 for certain apps, which saves battery. Another feature is ‘Alarm blocker’, which prevents certain applications from wakingup your Gionee P12 when you get notifications. Using these battery saving features can sometimes give you a massive boost in screen-on times ,notification shade further down. MostAndroid skins allow you some basic quick settings including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data toggles, etc. Havoc-OS, on theother hand, can offer you multiple quick setting toggles, and even some features that wouldn’t previously exist on your device like screen recording (which can be accessed from the quick setting
Download pixel plus ui Edition for Android Phones

EvolutionX ROM

EvolutionX ROm is Also One of the Best Custom Rom for Gionee P12. After testing this ROM I have found that this Rom Lags Some Bit in RAM Management , Although the ROM is Based on Android 11 which is plus point of this ROM . But , I suggest you to Try LineageOS First on Gionee P12.

Liquid Remix ROM

Stable Android 8.1 Oreo Rom For Redmi Note 4/4x | Liquid Remix Rom ...

This Rom is Also Available for Gionee P12 with Google's Latest Version of Android OS i.e. Android 11. All the System Apps on this Rom are Well Optimized Like Other Stable Roms . Later on After some time the developer of this Rom may introduce this Rom with Android 12 for Gionee P12.

MSM Xtended ROM

This Rom is Purely Based on Android 11 Stock Version , But have Some Optimizations made Specially for Gionee P12. The users of Gionee P12 which are Gaming Lover may Try this ROM.


The full form of POSP is Potato Open Source Project and from name it is clear that this Rom based on Android 11 is similar to AOSP and Similar features of AOSP is Imparted on this Rom with some Optimizations Specially made for Gionee P12.

Resurrection Remix ROM

This ROM is combination of all the popular Roms available for Gionee P12 such as AOSP , AICP etc and Purely based on Android 11 . If you want to taste All the Roms in One ROM then No ROM is better than this. Just go and Try this ROM.

Stag OS

It is a very new ROM for Gionee P12 based on Android 10 Q and Specially designed for Gionee P12. Google Camera comes Preinstalled on this Rom for Gionee P12 and Additionally this ROM is also having DOLBY Atmos MOD Specially designed for Music Lovers.

Pixys OS

From the name it is clear that this Rom for Gionee P12 is based on Google Pixel 5 embedded with Android 11. And the ROM itself is Optimized and better than Pixel Experience ROM . During Testing I have found that the ROM is Lagging in Call Recording Features , But Later on we can Fix that issue after Installation.


MOKEE Rom is a typical custom rom for Gionee P12 Based on Android 11 and it is a different type of Rom having Extra Ordinary Features other than Basic AOSP Roms . If You want to Root Gionee P12 then this ROM is Best For You Because it is a Pre-ROOted ROM. So, No need to Flash Other Files and Kernels for Gionee P12.


AICP is one of the most Recommended ROM for Gionee P12 because it is Similar to AOSP with Some Extra Optimizations and User Interface of this ROM is Purely Based on Both Android 11 and Android 10 , Some things are Directly taken from the base file of Stock Android 11 & some are taken from Android Q.


After some Testing it was Found that this ROM Shows Better Results than Pixel Experience Rom when Compared with the Battery Life of Gionee P12. The Netwok issues found on this ROM in the Previous build of Android Q is Now Fixed in the Android 11 Source File of this ROM.


The name of the ROM Comes From two words OM+NI , Which means the Rom is Having New Features But In Addition to this ,The ROM is Having Old Stock Android Theme of Android 8 OREO . The Android 11 Comes with New Theme and UI , Which was never experienced in the past of the Android . But Some of the users of Gionee P12 were missing the old UI of Android OREO . So, Developers made this ROM for that users of Gionee P12.


The full form of this ROM for Gionee P12 is Android Open Source iLLusion Project . Specially built to have experience of Android 11 on Gionee P12 . In this ROM Google Camera API 3 is Available for Gionee P12. In Addition the ROM comes with Pre-ROOT and Also the Radio App of this ROM is Working without using headGionee P12s.

Candy ROM

As from the name the ROM is as Sweet as Candy . From testing and experimenting it is found that the Rom gives Quite Good performance with compared to other ROMs. This ROM is Purely Based on Android 12 . So, If You want to install Android 12 on Gionee P12 ,Then Go Ahead.

XenonHD ROM 

Xenon HD Rom for Gionee P12 is based on Android 11 and the ROM is designed only for the users of Gionee P12 , Who loves Photography . Yes, This Rom is Having many Camera Features and Modifications to Gionee P12 which were never seen on any other ROM. This ROm is Having 108MP DSLR Camera MOD for Gionee P12.

Carbon ROM
The users of Gionee P12 demanding for Dark Mode Like iOS 14 or iOS 13 or iOS 12 on Gionee P12 may use this ROM . This ROM is Personally Tested by me and Gives Favourable Outcomes for Gionee P12. So of the Apps of this ROM is Directly taken from iOS 14 Specially for Gionee P12 . The Gionee P12 will be having Same Calculator and Dialler App as of iPhone 12 after installing htis ROM.

The Full form of this ROM is 'Android Open Source minimal Project' . The Rom is Based on Android 11 and having Special Optimizations of Battery Backup and Network Performance for Gionee P12 , Which means that their will be no need of Installing Extra Kernels to Fix these Problems Like Other ROMS.

Cosmic OS

This ROM is Based on Android 10 Q and Some Features are Taken from the Source file of Android Pie. The ROM is Having Similar Navigation Bar and Recents Menu App as of iPhone 12 taken from iOS 13 for Gionee P12. Later on the Developer may Introduce this ROM for Android 11 As well.

This ROM for Gionee P12 is Purely based on iOS 14 . The Navigation Buttons , Recent App Menu , Notification Slide is Similar or directly imported from iPhone 12 Stock Firmware Source File and Specially made for Gionee P12. In the Stock form the ROM is Based on Android 11.


As from the name the Rom is Based on MIUI 12.5 and Works on Android 11 out of the way for Gionee P12. All the Apps are Directly imported in this ROM from the Stock Firmware of MI 11 . Therefore we can also name this Rom as Mi 11 Custom ROM for Gionee P12 . But this ROM is Not for the users who like Stock Android . So , Choose this ROM for Your Gionee P12 Only if You Like Non Stock Android User Interface.

Revenge OS ROM

Revenge OS is a new Custom ROM designed on the base of Lineage OS and brings many new features that may not be present in other Custom made ROM for Gionee P12. The ROM brings a System-wide Rounded UI, Spectrum support, Battery Teak features, Status bar tweaks, OmniSwitch and Slim recent option for quick multitasking and many more Only for Gionee P12.

Oxygen OS Rom

This ROM is Based on Oxygen OS 11.0. The Features of this ROM Comprises Dark Mode Scheduling for  Gionee P12 , Nightscape and Portrait Video MOD, CANVAS AOD for Gionee P12 ,Google Discover Feed and Smart Gallery for Gionee P12. Zen Mode 2.0 and One Handed Redesigned UI for Gionee P12 Specially imported from OnePlus 8T Firmware Flash File . So we can Also name this ROM as OnePlus 8T Custom ROM for Gionee P12 Based on Android 12.

CopperHead OS ROM

CopperHead OS ROM Android 11 Based for Gionee P12 is imported from Google Pixel 5 & Having Google Camera API 3 Pre-Installed . This ROM is having Top Antutu Benchmark Score as Compared to other Custom Roms for Gionee P12.

CrDroid ROM

This ROM is Typically Based on Android 11 & LineageOS Rom Combined out of the way for Gionee P12. This ROM comes with Latest Version of GAPPS Android 11 for Gionee P12 Pre-Installed . Also Pre-ROOT Version & OTA Update Android 12 for Gionee P12 will come on this ROM.

RevengeOS Android 11 ROM

This ROM is another Alternative of AOSP Rom which is based on Android 11 Exclusively available for Gionee P12 . Whenever the Android 12 will Release The Rom will start Giving Update Over the Air (OTA).

CyanogenMod Android 11 ROM for Gionee P12

CyanogenMod is the most Popular ROM for Gionee P12 , Now a days LineageOS has Replaced This ROM.This ROM introduces extra ordinary features of Android 11 to your Gionee P12. Also Android 12 Update will be Available to this Rom OTA.

The Full form of this ROM is Emotion User Interface . EMUI 11.0 is the Latest Build of Android 11 for Gionee P12. Dark Mode is the One of the Best Feature of this Rom. This ROM is directly imported from Huawei Mate 40 Pro and this Rom is also called as Huawei Mate 40 Pro Android 12 Custom Rom for Gionee P12.

Flyme 8 ROM
This ROM comes with the Latest Version of Flyme OS with Version 8.0 which is based on Android 11 and comes with plenty of Features Such as Smart Camera MOD for Gionee P12 and DTS Dolby Sound Box Pre-Installed Exclusively for your Gionee P12.But , During Testing I found that this ROM is Lagging with some Network Isssues. But Wifi is Working Fine. 

Amazon Fire OS

This Rom is Based on the Latest Version of Fire OS recently Launched by Amazon . The Biggest Advantage of installing this Rom on Gionee P12 is that You will get Fire TV Free of Cost . But , I Advise You to not Go for this ROM.

GrapheneOS ROM

This Rom was Launched By the Tag " Most Secure and Private and Stable Custom Rom for Gionee P12" ,Because, This Rom comes with Highly Secured Apps which Prevent Gionee P12 from Hacking .And more Other Features Like your Gionee P12 will not connect to charger without Opening the Screen Lock and I Like this Feature for Gionee P12.

Indus OS ROM

Indus OS is First Indian Custom Rom for Gionee P12 Purely based on Android 11 . I you belong to India then You must install this ROM Because This Rom comes with Plenty of Local Apps Preinstalled for Gionee P12.


Lewa OS Rom is developed by a chinese company named Lewa Technology . The Rom is Based on OnePlus 8 and Running on Android 11 Out of the Box for Gionee P12.

Realme UI 2.0
This Rom comes with Realme UI 2.0 Custom Rom for Gionee P12 Based on Android 11. This Rom is Recently Launched for Gionee P12 and comes with a plenty of features for Gionee P12 such as App Index and Bubble Notification for Gionee P12.

ReplicantOS ROM
This Rom comes with Android 9 Pie for Gionee P12 . The ROM is Typically Based on Security and Privacy Advancements to Gionee P12 . This Rom provides Premium Theme APK for Gionee P12 Preinstalled by which we can have taste of each and every user Interface.

Smartisan OS ROM

The Rom is sometimes also named as Smartisan OS Android 12 based Custom Rom for Gionee P12. This ROM is Mixture of both Android 10 Q as well as Android 9 Pie for Gionee P12. Gallery App And Settings App of this ROM is directly Imported from Galaxy S20 Ultra .

iOS 14 ROM for Gionee P12

We know that Apple has Recently Launched iPhone 12 Pro Max and this Rom is Purely Based on iOS 14 and iOS 13 . The Rom is Having Similary Recents menu UI for Gionee P12 to the iOS 14. The Dark Mode on Gionee P12 works well on this Rom.

DerpFest OS ROM

DerpFest ROM is the latest addition to the Gionee P12. It is based on Android 11 and brings tons of goodies with itself to you Gionee P12. These include themes in the form of new system fonts, new system icon shapes, new background colors, new additions to the status bar, changes to the quick settings panel, ability to modify on-screen keys, mapping hardware keys, tons of modifications the lock screen and notifications for Gionee P12 and additions of new animations are just some of the new features to be available with this ROM Along with the OTA Update to Android 12 for Gionee P12.

AOSiP Extended ROM

This Android 11 Based ROM for Gionee P12 is the latest Custom ROM developed by many developers whom you may already know including Chainfire, Xplodwild, and Dees_Troy. This ROM is based on AOSiP (Android Open Source illusion Project) and developed with lots of customization, features, and enhancement. Just like every other custom ROM, This also has some unique features such as Google Camera API 3 MOD for Gionee P12.

Nitrogen OS
This ROM is based on Android 10 Q , the Android 11 Update for this ROM will come Later on for Gionee P12. Till Now many improvements has been done for Gionee P12 with respect to its previous build of Android Pie as Well as Android Oreo.

ViperOS Android 11 ROM for Gionee P12
ViperOS is a new Custom Firmware based on the AOSP code but having its own custom mods for Gionee P12. This ROM is quite famous for its custom-made features from all CyanogenMod, LineageOS, Slim ROM, Omni AOSPA, etc. The ROM was developed when Google released the code for Android 7.1 Nougat. Now it has become one of the most stable Custom firmware based on Android 11 with many features and customization Exclusively for you Gionee P12. It offers a great balance between battery and performance as well as better RAM management for Gionee P12 with Resolved Network issues other than its Previous Builds.

GZOSP Android 11 ROM for Gionee P12

Ground Zero ROMs, the ROM development team that brought us the popular custom ROMs Tesla, Tipsy, and Validus, has provided a central Android 11 repository from which custom ROMs can be built without having to start from scratch (meaning straight from AOSP) based on Android 11 . This Rom will Also Give Android 12 Update for Gionee P12 Later on.

Stock Android 11 Custom Rom for Gionee P12

Android 11 Custom ROM for Gionee P12 offers all the useful and popular features to Gionee P12 like the Conversation Notification, One-Time App Permissions, Notification History, Chat Bubbles, Built-in Screen Recording, Improved Media Player, Smart Reply, New Power Menu, Scoped Storage, Wireless ADB, Pin Apps to Sharesheet, and more features on Gionee P12.

Stock Android 10 Q Custom Rom for Gionee P12

Android 10 Q Custom ROM for Gionee P12 offers Live Caption. Smart Reply. Sound Amplifier. Gesture navigation. Dark theme. Privacy controls. Location controls. Security updates.

Stock Android 9 Pie Custom Rom for Gionee P12

This ROM for Gionee P12 is based on Android Pie which is the 9th iteration of the Android OS. This ROM for Gionee P12 is Based on the features which are Adaptive Battery , Dark Mode , App Actions , App Timer , Adaptive Brightness , Slices , Accessibility Menu , Easier Text Selection , New Screenshot Shortcut , New Home Button , New Gesture Navigation , Easier Screen Rotation , Notification Details , Dashboard , Indoor Navigation via Wifi RTT , Improved DND Mode for Gionee P12 , Lockdown Mode , Improved Message APP , All APPS uses HTTPS , The Media Panel , ART Improvements , 157 New Emojis for Gionee P12 , Wind Down , Multiple Camera Support for Gionee P12 , WiFi MAC Randomization .

AquariOS Android 11 ROM

Similar to the Resurrection Remix Custom ROM, the AquariOS for the Gionee P12 is also a feature-rich ROM with tons of features and offers heavy customizability options based on Android 11. The ROM was only most recently released so it does not have an active community yet. But, on the upside, it runs the latest version of Android 11 and has the latest security patch updates.

Hyper ROM Android ROM

If you are looking for a One UI 3.0 based ROM with various customization options, then Hyper ROM is the one for you. Although this ROM is not available for many of the Gionee P12 similar devices, the name itself is very popular among the Custom ROM fans for its exclusive set of customizations. The customization features in this ROM contains the status bar, the navigation bar based on Android 11, along with various custom icons built into the user interface itself. There are many tiny little features that would improve the overall user experience. You can adjust the heights and widths of status and navigation bars in both portrait and landscape modes for Gionee P12. This ROM also contains an option to enable the screenshots and secure apps like Snapchat and Netflix. You can also change the colors of the navigation bars and can change the whole background of the settings as well. If you are a customizations freak, go ahead and test this ROM out for your Gionee P12.

Hades ROM

Hades ROM is one of the finest ROMs available for the Gionee P12. Although this ROM is based on One UI, this is heavily debloated. Unnecessary Apps and other bloat are completely removed from the interface to enhance the overall performance of your Gionee P12. This ROM is based on the latest One UI 3.0 which is Based on Android 11. The Hades ROM is available for various devices Similar to Gionee P12. The Gionee P12 gets the exclusive features as the developer of the Hades ROM owns a Gionee P12.

Light Rom

As the name itself suggest it is a One UI 3.0 Based ROM with a very Light System and the UI Resources of Android 11. Just Like the Omni ROM , The Light ROM is very easy to install with the Aroma + TWRP Installation Process on Gionee P12 . The Specialty of this ROM is Jet Black User Interface exclusively developed for Gionee P12.
Renovate Ice ROM

Renovate Ice is an Oxygen OS based custom ROM but it is distributed as an easy to install Magisk module on Gionee P12. This makes installation and removal a breeze compared to the traditional method of flashing a full ROM from TWRP in Gionee P12. It’s also easier to distribute since not having to include all the Oxygen OS parts that you already have on your Gionee P12 reduces the overall ROM size. It’s a nice option for fans of Oxygen OS who’d rather stick with the stock firmware but have a few more custom ROM-like features. We’ve discussed all of the features the ROM adds to Oxygen OS and also how to install it in a separate port. As of now, Renovate Ice is one of the best for Gionee P12 Based on Android 11.

FulmicS ROM Android 11

Fulmics ROM for the Gionee P12 should be the most downloaded custom ROM as of now and the community is highly interactive. The ROM was updated just 2 days back and it runs Android 11 R. So basically it includes all the default features of Android 11 like split-screen multitasking and enhanced doze mode. Along with these, the ROM also comes with several tweaks like volume button actions, power menu customizations and more for Gionee P12. The ROM also comes with the stock kernel pre-installed which means that it might have the same performance and stability as the stock ROM for the Gionee P12. Fulmics ROM supports Magisk Module by default, so you can make use of the modules it provides. Best of all it comes with Fulmics OTA update to Android 12 for Gionee P12, so you don’t have to flash every new update from the recovery menu of your Gionee P12.


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