10 Easy Ways to ROOT Wiko View 3 Without PC & TWRP via Magisk - Latest One Click Root Method SuperSu , KingRoot , Frama Root , iRoot APK , Unroot , Baidu Root Download and Install Complete Guide


Top 10 Easy Methods to Root Wiko View 3

After Reading this Blog you will be eligible to Root Your Wiko View 3 . To Install Root on Wiko View 3 is not a Bad thing , Actually It is Key to Unlock Some Hidden Features Present in the Software Firmware File of your Wiko View 3 . But It may be Possible that during the Rooting process your Wiko View 3 Get Bricked or the Software as Well as Firmware both can be Damaged . So Do Anything with Open Eyes and Decide Rigidly that you are Going to Root your Wiko View 3 Device . The Upper two Lines are Observed in Less Than 1% Cases Only , SO if You are Going to Root Wiko View 3 , Don't Worry We are Here to Guide you Completely . If You Read Each and Every Instructions Carefully before Rooting then you can Safely Root Your Wiko View 3 Device and Also Make Sure that You Have Downloaded the Right Root File for Your Model As Well as Cross Check the Model Name of your Wiko View 3 Device . Starting from the First Section of the Post to the Last Sectiona 10 Different Methods will be introduced to You for Rooting Wiko View 3 and At the Last You can Select One Method Which suits Best for You .

Preparations - Actions Needed before you Do Anything

  1. Backup all your files of Wiko View 3 first
  2. Remove Sim Card from Wiko View 3
  3. Please Do Anything at Your Own Risk we are Not Responsible for Any Damages
  4. Start Anything from your Wiko View 3 after Turning it ON
  5. At least 50% battery level.
  6. Disable Fast boot in Settings->Battery
  7. Internet connection necessary (Wi-Fi network suggested).
  8. The Following Guide is Only for Wiko View 3 , Never Ever Try this on Any Other Model except Wiko View 3
  9. Bootloader of Wiko View 3 Should be Unlocked
  10. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

     Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Table of Contents

What Is Rooting?

From the day you Buy Wiko View 3 . It’s new, shiny and neat. You can go online from it while you’re out and about and download cool apps on Wiko View 3 to keep you company whenever you get bored. But can you download any app you want on Wiko View 3 ? What about custom themes on Wiko View 3? And did you ever feel like altering or replacing system applications and settings on your Wiko View 3 because they’re not so user friendly? Well, the thing is you can’t do whatever you want with your Wiko View 3 in Unrooted form . For security reasons, Wiko View 3 manufacturers and mobile network operators impose software limitations. However, these limitations can be overruled by rooting your  Wiko View 3 Device , although it is not advisable. Especially if you don’t have antivirus for Android installed, to protect you from mobile malware. Rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jailbreaking). It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install other software that the manufacturer of Wiko View 3 wouldn’t normally allow you to. And for good mobile security reasons: they don’t want users to make modifications to the Wiko View 3 that could result in accidents beyond repair; it is easier for them to offer support if they allow users to only use the same unmodified version of the software means that You will only get warranty for Wiko View 3 If you have not Rooted it Yet . But Don't Worry If you still Want to Root Wiko View 3 then Go ahead , Their are Many ways by which we Can remove root access from Wiko View 3 Anytime .

What is Magisk ?
If you’ve been around the Android world for the last few years, you’ve probably heard the term “Magisk” being thrown around. It’s a relatively new tool for customizing Android devices. Magisk is an alternative to the long-standing SuperSU, but it’s much more than just a root method. There are some key things you should know about this popular tool before you Start Rooting Wiko View 3 .Magisk is known as a “systemless” root method for Wiko View 3. It’s essentially a way to modify the system without actually modifying it. Modifications are stored safely in the boot partition instead of modifying the real system files. This is the most important feature of this tool. Since the original system files remain unchanged in Wiko View 3, modifications can go undetected by Google SafetyNet.

What are the Benefits of Rooting Wiko View 3 ?

In the event that you want to take full power of your Wiko View 3, the best method is actually to root it. In concrete terms, this suggests that you will be a almighty administrator of your Wiko View 3. Keep in mind though, the manufacturer impose software limits to restrict you from doing foolish acts. In the event that your Wiko View 3 is rooted, you can brick it by making dangerous commands. Using a rooted Wiko View 3, you will be capable to:

  • You can flash Custom ROM with TWRP Recovery on Wiko View 3
  • You can flash modding zip files to customize your Wiko View 3
  • Easy to use Xposed Modules’ with Rooted Wiko View 3
  • Easy to Root and Unroot using TWRP Recovery flashable zip SuperSU
  • You can always take FULL NANDROID Backup on Wiko View 3 in case of any modding or flashing.
  • Easy access to restore the Nandroid Backup.
  • You can flash the image file using OrangeFOX Recovery on Wiko View 3 .
  • Can remove all bloatware in Wiko View 3 using TWRP Recovery.
  • To underclock and overclock.
  • You can clean Wipe, Cache, and Data and Also Wipe Dalvik Cache on Wiko View 3 .
  • Increase performance of your Wiko View 3 by tweaking kernel and overclocking device.
  • Increase performance by hibernating battery consuming apps using apps like greenify on Wiko View 3.
  • Increase performance of Wiko View 3 by uninstalling ram-hogging inbuilt apps.
  • Able to customize devices model, screen resolution, imei no, etc.
  • You Can Change IP Address of Wiko View 3 Easily .

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting Wiko View 3 ?

Rooting your Wiko View 3 device comes with cons or disadvantages as well. The biggest disadvantage is that the Phone warranty will be void once you root your device because of manufacturers ships unrooted and locked devices. Apart from that, while rooting the Wiko View 3, if anything goes wrong, then your device might be bricked. Manufacturers only provide updates to the Wiko View 3 devices which are not rooted, hence your device will no longer remain secure because it would not receive official firmware updates by the manufacturer. Their are many other disadvantages also :-

 1. You can turn your Wiko View 3 into a brick. Well, not literally, but if you goof up the rooting process, meaning the code modifications, your Wiko View 3 software can get so damaged that your Wiko View 3 will basically be as useless as a brick.
 2. Your Wiko View 3 warranty turns void. It’s legal to root your Wiko View 3; however, if you do it, your device gets straight out of warranty. Say you root your Wiko View 3 and some time after that, you experience a malfunction – hardware or software related. Because of the Android rooting, the warranty is no longer valid, and the manufacturer will not cover the damages of Wiko View 3.
  3. Malware can easily breach your Wiko View 3 security. Gaining root access also entails circumventing the security restrictions put in place by the Android operating system. Which means worms, viruses, spyware and Trojans can infect the rooted Android software if it’s not protected by effective mobile antivirus for your Wiko View 3 device. There are several ways these types of malware get on your Wiko View 3: drive-by downloads, malicious links, infected apps you download from not so reputable app stores. They take over your Wiko View 3 and make it act behind your back: forward your contact list to cybercrooks, sniff your e-mails, send text messages to premium numbers, racking up your Wiko View 3, and collect personal data such as passwords, usernames, credit card details that you use while socializing, banking and shopping from your Wiko View 3.
Our Advice Before Rooting Wiko View 3
This section is the most important Section of this post in my point of view . If  You have decided to Root your Wiko View 3 devices after the summation of Pros and Cons of Rooting , then Please Go Ahead . But Before moving to next Section Please Just Go through following lines :
  •  If you still want to root your Wiko View 3 device, make sure you research the process very well, as it differs depending on the smartWiko View 3 type and brand. It’s better you ask for expert advice on dedicated forums, or better yet, ask an experienced person to root it for you. All these in order to ensure you don’t turn your device into a brick.
  •  Install proper antivirus protection for your Wiko View 3, even before rooting the device, to fend off malware infections. BullGuard Mobile Security 12 offers mobile antivirus protection for a wide range of mobile operating systems, including antivirus protection for Android devices.
  •  Here’s some good news: say you do resort to rooting your device. If for some reason you change your mind about it, you can always un-root it. In this case too Please Go through the Last sections of this blog , their you can find the Ways to restore Wiko View 3 Back to Original Condition and Disable Root on Wiko View 3.


  • A Good Brain + Time
  • Be Have Some Patience
  • Download the Files Related to Wiko View 3 very Carefully
  • Backup Your Stock Rom
  • Make Sure USB Drivers are Installed If you are Using PC Method
  • Close All the Apps Before Turning Off Wiko View 3

How to Flash/Install TWRP Recovery on Wiko View 3 ?

Step 1: First enable the USB debugging option in Wiko View 3.
  • To enable USB debugging option we first need to make sure the developer options are active. for that we need to go to your Settings -> About Phone -> Now tap the build number 7-8 times until you see a message ‘you are now a developer’.
  • Now as we have enabled developer options, go back to Settings-> developer options -> and now enable USB debugging also enable OEM unlock.
  • enabling usb debugging mode in Wiko View 3 image.
  • Screenshot of enabling usb debugging mode in Wiko View 3.
Step 2: Open adb command window.
  • Now Open Fastboot folder (The files that you have extracted from recovery.rar file)
  • Location would be Download > fastboot > fastboot
  • On the above folder  you will find the adb.exe or fastboot.exe.
  • Hold the Shift Key and right-click on any blank space and select Open command window here.
  • ADB folder i.e Fastboot folder image
  • Screenshot of ADB folder i.e Fastboot folder .
Step 3: Connect the Wiko View 3 to PC.
  • Connect your Wiko View 3 to PC or Laptop with using USB Cable.
Step 4: Reboot Wiko View 3 into Fastboot Mode.
  • Now we need to reboot Wiko View 3 into fastboot mode by typing the following command.
  • adb reboot bootloader on Wiko View 3 .
Step 5: Your device will reboot into fastboot mode.
  • If it doesn’t, check if your USB cable is connected properly and you have drivers installed properly.
  • You can check a list of connected device by typing the following command.
  • fastboot devices
  • screenshot of detect device in adb mode Image.
  • screenshot of detect device in adb mode.
Step 6 Flash the TWRP Recovery.
  • This is the tiime to flash the TWRP Recovery. To Start flashing the recovery, type the following command.
  • Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Screenshot of installed twrp recovery in Wiko View 3 successfully image
  • Screenshot of installed twrp recovery in Wiko View 3 successfully
  • That’s it! You have installed TWRP recovery on Wiko View 3 .
If TWRP Recovery is Not Getting Installed on Wiko View 3 Then Their are Some Other Custom Recoveries Available for Wiko View 3 . Kindly do search for that .

How to Unlock Bootloader of Wiko View 3 ?

Here I guide you to unlock bootloader on Wiko View 3 in short. If you want to full guide to unlock Wiko View 3 bootloader then go and search for your device model If the Following Steps Don't Worked for you :
  1. Wiko View 3 must be power on.
  2. Then go to Settings
  3. Then go to About device
  4. After that, tap 7 times in build number to become a developer.
  5. After, enable the developer mode in Wiko View 3.
  6. First, go to the menu.
  7. Then, go to setting
  8. Now scroll down and click on the Developer option .
  9. Toggle the OEM unlock option ON in your Wiko View 3.
  10. Confirm the same by clicking the enable option Finally.
Congratulation! You have successfully unlocked bootloader on Wiko View 3.
Now I Suppose that You have Fulfilled All the Pre Requirements and I can Move Further to the 10 WAYS by which you can ROOT Wiko View 3 , Which is the main Highlight of this post . So Lets Move to the First Method

Method #1: Root Wiko View 3 via Magisk

  1. First of all, download the latest Magisk Zip and Magisk Manager APK file for your Wiko View 3 Device.
  2. Move the Magisk zip file to your Wiko View 3’s internal storage.
  3. And make sure you have a Custom Recovery Like TWRP installed on your Wiko View 3.
  4. Now Boot your Wiko View 3 to Recovery Mode by pressing Volume up + Power Button at the same time until you see the Boot Animation.
  5. Tap on Install from the TWRP Recovery page.
  6. Now locate Magisk.Zip file ( Downloaded Earlier ) from your internal storage and select it.
  7. After Tap on Swipe To Confirm Flash.
  8. Then Next flash Lazy Flasher zip file, Otherwise, your Wiko View 3 will not boot.
  9. After that, Wipe Cache of Wiko View 3.
  10. Wipe Dalvik Cache of Wiko View 3.
  11. Now Select on Reboot Option.
  12. Once your Wiko View 3 boots up, install Magisk Manager APK.
  13. Congrats Your Wiko View 3 Device is now Having Root Access.
  14. If This Method doesn't Work for You then I Suggest to Use Another Methods Out of the 10 Enlisted Various Methods to Root Wiko View 3.

Method #2: Root Wiko View 3 By SuperSU

  1. For this method, you require TWRP recovery installed on your Wiko View 3.
  2. Switch off your Wiko View 3 device.
  3. Then boot Wiko View 3 into TWRP recovery mode.
  4. For that, press and hold the Volume down + Power button simultaneously.
  5. If you are having problem to boot into TWRP, use Quick Reboot app from Google Play Store.
  6. Let’s install the downloaded Super SU zip file exclusively for Wiko View 3.
  7. For that, click on the Install option present on the TWRP recovery.
  8. This will show you files and folders present on your mobile.
  9. Select the downloaded SuperSU.zip file.
  10. On the next screen, swipe right to start the Rooting process.
  11. As soon as the process finishes, you’ll see a successful message on the screen.
  12. Just click on the Reboot System option to restart your Wiko View 3.
  13. Finally! This is how you can root Wiko View 3 using Super SU .

Method #3: Root Wiko View 3 By KingoRoot APK

  1. Install KingRoot app on Wiko View 3
  2. If you get ‘Blocked by Play Protect’ error, click on Details.
  3. Click on Install anyway.
  4. If KingRoot fails to install, then refer Another Method for Wiko View 3.
  5. Next, open settings and select the Accessibility option.
  6. Under Services, click on KingRoot.
  7. Enable accessibility for KingRoot.
  8. Tap on OK.
  9. Now launch the installed KingRoot app.
  10. Click on the Try Root option.
  11. This will initiate the process of rooting Wiko View 3 .
  12. Wait until it finishes.
  13. It will complete in hardly a few minutes.
  14. After successful completion, you will see the following message in the app.
  15. Finally! Wiko View 3 is successfully rooted using the KingRoot app.

Method #4: Root Wiko View 3 without PC

  1. Install the FramaRoot app for Wiko View 3 and launch it.
  2. You will find three options in the app.
  3. Select Install Superuser or Install SuperSU option.
  4. You’ll also see exploit options. Select Gandalf.
  5. This will start the process of rooting Wiko View 3.
  6. Be patient and wait until it completes.
  7. As soon as the process completes, you’ll see a popup message as shown below.
  8. Reboot your device.
  9. You’ll notice an app called Superuser Automatically installed on your Wiko View 3.
  10. This will confirm that your Wiko View 3 is successfully rooted using the Framaroot app.
  11. This is how you can root the Wiko View 3 Android Device .

Method #5: Root Wiko View 3 with PC

Their are Two separate Methods to Root Wiko View 3 Using PC :
Method #A : Using DrFone Root .exe PC
  1. Download and install Dr.fone Root software .exe on your PC.
  2. Connect Wiko View 3 device to PC/Laptop via USB cable.
  3. Dr.Fone Root - Connect Your Phone To PC
  4. Once the Wiko View 3 is connected, click on the “Start” button.
  5. Now the software will then find your device package and prepare a way to root your Wiko View 3.
  6. Click on “Root Now” to begin rooting your Wiko View 3.
  7. The Wiko View 3 will ask if you would like to root the device; tap on “Confirm” to continue the rooting.
  8. Congo You have successfully rooted Wiko View 3 using Dr.Fone software.
Method #B : Using KingoRoot.exe PC
  1. First off, enable Developer Options on Wiko View 3.
  2. Head over to Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build Number 5 to 7 times.
  3. Go Back > Tap on Developer Options > enable USB Debugging option.
  4. Now download Kingo Root Software on your Windows PC and install it.
  5. Open Kingo Root Software.
  6. Connect Wiko View 3 to PC via USB cable as soon as you Connect your Phone. It will show you a Prompt on your Wiko View 3 device > Tap on Okay.
  7. Once your Device is Recognized, Tap on Root.
  8. It will take around 5-7 minutes to complete the Rooting Process.
  9. Once the rooting process is finished, your device will automatically Reboot.
  10. All Done! You have Successfully Rooted your Wiko View 3.
Before Using Method 7,8,9,10 I suggest you to Try This Method 5 and 6 First 

Method #6: Root Wiko View 3 Without TWRP Recovery

  1. First, Download iRoot APK on your Wiko View 3 device.
  2. Open the downloads folder and Tap on the “iRoot.apk” file to install it.
  3. If you get a warning message, then follow the below steps.
  4. Go to Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources option.
  5. After the app is successfully installed.
  6. Open iRoot App > Tap on the “Root Now” button.
  7. iRoot Android APK will start Accessing Root on Wiko View 3.
  8. The rooting process will start on your Phone. You will see a notification “Root Succeeded”.
  9. That’s it. You have Successfully Rooted Wiko View 3 Without TWRP Recovery.

Method #7: Root Wiko View 3 via Flashing Custom Rom

  1. This Process May Lead to Wipe your All Data .
  2. First of all, make sure to download and move all the required ROM packages on your Wiko View 3 Internal storage.
  3. You can reboot your Wiko View 3 into TWRP Recovery and Swipe Allow Modifications (Appears for the first time only)
  4. Once you are in TWRP Recovery, first of all. Take a complete backup of stock or custom ROM using TWRP.
  5. Now wipe the cache, data, and system before flashing the PreRoot Custom Rom on Wiko View 3.
  6. To Wipe data: Go to Wipe —> Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, System, Vendor, and Data and then swipe to wipe. 
  7. TWRP-Wipe-System-Data-and-Cache-Screenshot
  8. Now you can install the System image file in TWRP: Install -> Install Zip -> select pre-rootWiko View 3.zip .
  9. That’s it! Reboot and enjoy Pre Rooted Wiko View 3 device.

Method #8: Root Wiko View 3 By Flashing Stock Rom

This is Another Alternative Method to Root Phone . Stock Rom is the Original Android Database Code of your mobile device Provided by the Manufacturer Itself. But Their Are Some Ways By which an Android Developer can Inject the Root File Inside the Coding of Stock Firmware So, At the end of Compiling ROM the Rom can be Termed As PreRooted Stock Rom for Wiko View 3 . But Always Keep in mind that Flashing Stock Rom will Wipe your Android device Completely. You Can Make it Possible by the Steps As Follows :
  1. Download the pre-rooted Stock ROM & the Modem/BL Zip files. Transfer them to the internal storage of your Wiko View 3 device.
  2. Boot into recovery mode on your Wiko View 3 .
  3. Power off your device and wait until it’s completely turned off.
  4. As you’re in the TWRP recovery, make a complete nandroid backup of your device. You can follow our definitive guide for nandroid backup on Wiko View 3.
  5. Now, make a complete wipe of the device as we want a fresh installation. To make a clean wipe, just do a complete factory reset and also wipe the Dalvik cache , recovery-wipe .
  6. Flash the ROM now. Choose the Install option from the recovery menu and choose the ROM zip from the file manager. Similarly, flash the Modem/Bootloader zip and Recovery-install-ROM
  7. After flashing both the Zips, wipe cache/Dalvik cache. You can do this from the Wipe menu.
  8. Reboot the Wiko View 3 device.
  9. Don’t worry if you don’t see the signal on your device after first boot. Reboot the device once again and it will be fixed.
  10. If Signal Is Not Yet Fixed then You may have to flash separate Kernel for Wiko View 3 via Custom Recovery .

Method #9: Root Wiko View 3 By Flashing Factory Image

The procedure to flash a factory image is Alternative Root Method for Wiko View 3 and can differ from one device to another. In the case of Wiko View 3, the steps are simple:
  1. Download and set up the ADB and Fastboot tools.
  2. Download the factory image from the Android website. Unzip the download on your desktop.
  3. Connect your Wiko View 3 via USB and boot into Fastboot mode.
  4. Launch the Command Prompt or Terminal app.
  5. At the command prompt, run flash-all.bat on Windows, or flash-all.sh on macOS or Linux.
  6. Wait for it to finish, then reboot Wiko View 3 .
  7. That will take you to a stock PreRooted ROM, with stock recovery as well on Wiko View 3. Lock the bootloader, and you'll be completely back to normal.

Other Wiko View 3s might have different instructions. You'll usually find them outlined on the same site where you downloaded the images from. Just remember that in most cases, flashing a factory image will completely wipe your Wiko View 3. So do Anything carefully. 

Method #10: Root Wiko View 3 with Orange FOX Recovery

  1.  Unlock the bootloader. Read and follow our previous guide on how to unlock Wiko View 3 bootloader.
  2.  Download and install Wiko View 3 ADB Fastboot Driver on your computer. You don’t need to do this if you already have Flash tool installed (not the portable version).
  3. Download Orange Fox TWRP Recovery here. It’s a zip file. You need to download it on both your computer and your Wiko View 3.
  4. On your computer, extract the Orange Fox zip file (OrangeFox-R11-unified-Wiko View 3.zip) you have downloaded. You will get many files including a file named “recovery.img“.
  5. Copy that recovery.img file to your ADB folder. Usually, the ADB directory is located at C:\adb\.
  6. Enable USB Debugging option. This option is available within Developer Options menu. Hence, you have to enable it at first.
  7. Enabling Developer Options, go to: Settings >> About Wiko View 3 >> tap the version 7x >> You are developer!
  8. Enable USB Debugging, go to: Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> USB Debugging >> toggle it on.
  9. A notification will pop up on your screen. Tap “OK“.
  10. Now connect your Wiko View 3 to your computer using its USB cable.
  11. On your computer, hold down the Shift key and right-click anywhere inside the ADB folder (C:\adb\). Choose “Open PowerShell window here“.
  12. Now type following command and hit Enter key to execute it: >> adb devices / adb reboot bootloader / fastboot devices
  13. This instructs your computer to establish ADB connection with your Wiko View 3 mobile device while verifying any device attached. Second, this also reboots your device into Fastboot mode (bootloader mode). You will see your Wiko View 3 rebooting and you will also see the Android Fastboot logo displayed.
  14. Do the “Hot recovery boot” by typing the command below: fastboot boot  >>  recovery.img
  15. At this stage, your Wiko View 3 shall reboot into Orange Fox recovery.
  16. Do the “Swipe to allow modifications“. You shall enter the main menu afterward.
  17. You will then see the main menu of Orange Fox recovery. Choose “Install“.
  18. Find and select the Orange Fox zip file (e.g: OrangeFox-R11.Wiko View 3.xle.zip).
  19. Do the “Swipe to Install” action. As soon as you swiped, your Wiko View 3 will flash the zip file of Orange Fox recovery.
  20. Your Wiko View 3 will automatically reboot into Orange Fox recovery again. This time is not a hot boot but the actual recovery booting using the one installed on your Wiko View 3 already .
  21. Done. Finish. End. From here, you can proceed to either use it for rooting or flashing other mods such as Camera2 API enabled, etc.  
    One thing that we really like about Orangefox is also the inclusion of Magisk. Once flashed, you don’t need to manually download and copy Magisk to your Wiko View 3. 
  22. Tap on the Orange Fox cup menu icon in the main menu.
  23. Tap the “Install” button in the Magisk section.
  24. Follow the on-screen instruction. Orange Fox will start to flash the in-built Magisk package. Once done, your Wiko View 3 should reboot into system.
  25. Alternatively, you can choose “Reboot” from the main menu, then choose “System“.
  26. Voila! Your Wiko View 3 is now rooted. You can confirm the status by downloading Root Checker app from Play Store.
  27. You will also notice a new app called “Magisk Manager” on Wiko View 3. The app is crucial to manage the root access. You can allow and block any apps that request for root access. Additionally, you can also install Magisk modules within the app.
  28. While you are still in recovery mode, go to the Orange Fox cup menu that cap the third menu. Make sure the following options are activated:
  • Support Android Incremental OTA
  • Include system in OTA survival
  • Incremental OTA signature verification
  • Disable DM-verity
  • Disable forced encryption.
I Think that it is Very Long Process , So Try this Only After Other 9 Methods to Root Wiko View 3.
What to Do In Case If Wiko View 3 Get Bricked or Damaged During Rooting ?
If you Get into the Upper written Situation while Rooting Wiko View 3 Then , Their is no need to Worry You can Resolve Your Problem Quickly as well as easily . Their may be Two Situations :
Situation A : Wiko View 3 Get Stuck into Logo
Solution : To fix this issue Simply Go back to TWRP Recovery and Select on Restore Nandroid backup Option ( Select the File You h've saved while Backup Before Starting Root ) Just flash That File and after That Your Wiko View 3 device will come into normal state .
Situation B : The Screen Turns ON But Nothing comes After it
Solution : To Fix this issue You need to Unbrick Wiko View 3 and This can be done by Flashing Stock Firmware of Wiko View 3 using PC , You can refer Method#8 to Fix this Problem.

How to Check Is Wiko View 3 Rooted Successfully or Not ?
After Booting up Wiko View 3 , You can See that their will be some new Apps Automatically Installed on Wiko View 3 which exhibit the Root Permission to Some Eligible Apps . But If You Want to Cross Check If Wiko View 3 Rooted Successfully or Not Then Please Do Follow the Below Steps :
  1. First, download the Root Checker App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Then Open that App on Your Wiko View 3 Device.
  3. After that, Click on “Verify Root”.
  4. Now, here you will see the message “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device” if your device has been rooted successfully.
  5. If you Don't Get the Message as in the Step 4 Then Please Follow Some Different Method Out of the 10 Methods to Root Wiko View 3.
  6. Repeat Step 5 If Wiko View 3 is Still not Rooted.

Can We Install Custom Rom on Wiko View 3 After Root ?

Yes , you can install Any Custom Rom on Wiko View 3 After Getting Root Access on Wiko View 3 . Their are Abundant Custom Roms Exclusively Available for Wiko View 3 to Install on it Such as :
Android 12 ROM:, Android 11 ROM :, Android 10 Q:,Android 9 Pie:, iOS 14 Rom:, EMUI OS 11:, MIUI 12.5:, One UI 3.0:, Flyme OS:, Graphene OS:, LeWa OS:, Liquid Remix :, Stag OS:, Syberia Project :, Candy OS:, XenonHD:, CopperHead OS:, Realme UI:, DerpFest OS:, Carbon ROM:, AOSmP ROM:, Cosmic OS:, PE Extended ROM:, Arrow OS:, Pixel Plus ROM:, Evolution X ROM:, MSM Extended ROM:, POSP ROM:, Pixys OS:, MOKEE ROM:, AICP ROM:, OMNI ROM:, Revenge OS, Android 10 Q ROM:, Android 9 Pie ROM:, Liquid Remix ROM, Lineage OS:, Havoc OS:, Resurrection Remix:, DerpFest ROM:, Bootleggers ROM:, CrDroid OS:, AOSiP OS:, Nitrogen ROM:, Pixel Experience ROM:, Fulmics Rom:, AOSP Extended Android 11 for Xiaomi Poco M3:, Renovate Ice ROM:, Oxygen OS Rom:

Can I Remove Root on Wiko View 3 ? or How to UNROOT Wiko View 3 ?
Now After Succesfull Completion of Rooting Wiko View 3 . If you have changed Your Mind or Due to Any Other Reason you want your Wiko View 3 back to Normal State then Please Go Ahead , To remove Root Access from Wiko View 3 is 100% Possible , Just Follow the Following Steps :
  • You can Download SuperSU APK. 
  • Open the SuperSU App, go to settings and press on Full Unroot. 
  • Following that, your Wiko View 3 device will no longer be rooted.


So , That's All I Hope that I Have Covered All the Methods used to Root Wiko View 3 in this Universe . You can Select any Method out of 10 to Start Process . However It wouldn't affect anymore If You are having PC , not Having PC , Not Having Custom Recovery Like TWRP or  You have Less Time to Root Wiko View 3 , I have explained Every Method from Quick Methods to Time taking Methods to Root Wiko View 3 . Now It is Upto You that How you want to Root Wiko View 3 . I Hope this content is Helpfull for you .
Remember that this Website is for Educational Purpose Only. All the Posts , Images and articles are the property of their respective owners .  " Lineageos18.com "  is not Responsible for any Damage Occured to your Wiko View 3 Device . Do Anything at your Own Risk.


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