How to Get iOS 14 Features on Vivo Y83 without   Installing Custom Rom

iOS and Android have been long-standing competitors. There are times when Apple takes inspiration from Android. Similarly, Google brings new privacy features taking a cue from iOS. At this point, both the ecosystems are quite polished and have matured by leaps and bounds, especially Android. However, there is one aspect that makes iOS stand out and that is privacy controls. Every year, Apple adds new privacy controls to iOS which makes Android users wanting for more. So in this article, we bring you a handy guide on how to get iOS 14 features on your Vivo Y83 Device including privacy and other useful features. So without further ado, let’s get started

Here are the best iOS 14 features that you can get on Vivo Y83 right now. You can go through the list below and click on the link to move to the corresponding feature. We have mostly included iOS 14 features that are natively not available on Android devices Related to " Vivo Y83 ".

List of iOS 14 Features for Vivo Y83

  • Camera and Mic Indicator
  • App Library
  • SMS Filtering
  • Back Tap
  • Privacy information on the App Store
  • Temporary Permission
  • In-App Search
  • Assign Reminders
  • Website Privacy Report
  • Conversation Mode
  • Bonus: Block Clipboard Access

1. iOS 14 Camera and Mic Indicator for Vivo Y83

During the release of iOS 14, Apple made some big announcements regarding privacy and one feature that stood out was camera and mic indicator. On iOS 14, whenever an app uses the camera or mic, a dot indicator appears at the top of the screen. This is done to alert the user that an app is snooping on you. Further, you can find the app name in the Control Center and uninstall it right away.

1. Camera and Mic Indicator iOS 14 Features on Android

So if you want this iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83, you can use Access Dots (Free, offers in-app purchases). The app allows you to get a similar indicator as iOS 14 for mic and camera usage. The best part is that you can even customize the colors and change the size and position of the dot. So go ahead and get this awesome iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83 by using the Access Dots app.

2. iOS 14 App Library Folders for Vivo Y83

After years of pestering, Apple finally caved in and brought an app drawer on iOS 14. Similar to Android launchers, now a separate pane houses all the apps on iOS 14. But that is not all about the new app drawer. There is something called App Library which automatically organizes all of your apps into a folder depending on the app category.

2. App Library

To get the App Library feature on Vivo Y83, you just need to download a third-party launcher such as Microsoft Launcher (Free) or Lawnchair (Free) or Nova (Free, $4.99). All these launchers allow you to create app folders right into the app drawer. However, keep in mind, these launchers don’t sort the app automatically so you will have to do it on your own. If you want automatic categorization then you can use Poco Launcher (Free), but instead of app folders, it offers you separate windows for Vivo Y83.

3.iOS 14 SMS Filtering for Vivo Y83

With the announcement of iOS 14, Apple added a big feature to its messaging app. Now, spammy texts, OTPs, and promotional messages will be filtered out and put in separate folders. This completely changes the messaging experience, especially in India where you get so many junk texts every day.

3. SMS Filtering iOS 14 Features on Android

4. iOS 14 Back Tap for Vivo Y83

To make iPhones more accessible and easier to use, iOS 14 brings something called Back Tap that allows you to invoke an action by double-tapping on the back of the Vivo Y83. You can just double-tap on the back and take a screenshot or ask Google Assistant some questions. That’s quite cool, right?

To get this iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83, you might have to wait a bit longer. Google is developing a similar feature for Vivo Y83 which might get released with Android 11. However if you want it right now, Quinny899 from XDA has come to the rescue. He has developed an app called “Tap, Tap” that allows you to double-tap on the rear and invoke actions of your choice.

4. Back Tap

If you are wondering how it works, well, the app is using gyroscope and accelerometer readings and comparing it with machine learning models that Google has trained for Vivo Y83 devices. It works surprisingly well on my Vivo Y83 and if you want iOS 14’s Back Tap feature on Vivo Y83 then Tap, Tap is here for you. You can download the app from here.

5. iOS 14 Privacy information on the App Store for Vivo Y83

To make people aware of privacy malpractices, on iOS 14, Apple will be displaying privacy information of each app on the App Store in easily understandable language. For example, before you download an app, you can find out what data the app can use to track you and what data the app will have access to. This goes a long way in understanding what sort of privacy policy does the app practice so that you can either choose to install an app or discard it.

5. Privacy information on the App Store iOS 14 Features on Android

While Vivo Y83 does not have this feature natively, you can install an app called Exodus (Free). It scans all your installed apps and displays all the trackers that the app is using to track you. Apart from that, you can also find out all kinds of permissions that app has been granted by default. This will allow you to understand how much data the app is seeking from you. So go ahead and get this iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83 to strengthen your privacy.

6. iOS 14 Temporary Permission for Vivo Y83

Apple brought “Allow once” permission dialog last year with iOS 13 and now we are hearing that Android 12 will sport this feature. On top of that, Vivo Y83 users might also get auto-revoke permission feature. The way it works is, if you have not used an app for some time, sensitive permissions will be automatically revoked.

6. Temporary Permission

However, not everyone is going to receive the Android 12 update so if you want this excellent privacy feature on your Vivo Y83 right now, you can install Bouncer ($1.99). It allows you to grant temporary permission to an app and the moment you exit from the app, the permission is automatically revoked. That’s really great, right? So go ahead and get this iOS feature on Vivo Y83 right away.

7. iOS 14 In-App Search for Vivo Y83

With iOS 14, Apple has overhauled how the search works. You can now perform in-app searches which basically means that you can search for your library or songs in Apple Music right from the search bar. No need to open the app and look for the content.

7. In-App Search iOS 14 Features on Android

If you want this iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83 then you can install Sesame (Free, offers in-app purchases). The app is one tap away from searching for your music, contacts, system settings, Instagram stories, favorite apps, and more. Simply put, you will have access to everything in just one tap.

8. iOS 14 Assign Reminders for Vivo Y83

With iOS 14, you can assign reminders to people you share lists with. And they will be reminded according to the schedule. This feature is amazing and can help you split tasks and accomplish them without any fail. You can also get this iOS 14 feature on Vivo Y83 by just using the Google Assistant.

8. Assign Reminders

If you are part of a family group then you just need to say “Hey Google remind X to…” and the reminder will be assigned to the said person. You can find your family group from the Google App -> 3-dot menu -> Settings -> Google Assistant -> Your People. And to customize assignable reminders, move to the “Services” tab under Google Assistant and open “Assignable Reminders”.

9. iOS 14 Website Privacy Report for Vivo Y83

During the announcement of iOS 14, Apple discussed many new features of Safari and how it has been finetuned for a more privacy-friendly experience. Among the many features of Safari, I liked the Website Privacy Report. Basically, you will be able to see what trackers and cookies the website is using and the cross-site trackers that Safari has blocked.

On Vivo Y83, Chrome does not offer such a report which is disappointing (learn how to get Safari features on Chrome). Anyway, if you move to DuckDuckGo (Free) or Firefox (Free) or Brave (Free) on Vivo Y83 then it shows you all the cookies and trackers that the browser has blocked. DuckDuckGo even gives a privacy rating to the websites you visit. In tandem, if you want iOS 14’s Website Privacy Report on Vivo Y83 then the DuckDuckGo browser would be a great choice.

10. iOS 14 Conversation Mode for Vivo Y83

With the iOS 14 release, Apple announced a new Translate app that looks really promising. It has offline capabilities and language detection is on point. What caught my attention was Conversation Mode which allows you to say something, and the Translate app transcribes the voice on the screen, followed by the translated audio. It works really well.

iOS 14 Features on Android 10. Conversation Mode

If you want something like Conversation Mode on Vivo Y83 then Google Assistant will be of your great help. Google Assistant comes with a dedicated Interpreter Mode which works very similar to iOS 14’s Conversation Mode. Just say “interpreter mode” to Google Assistant and you will have your voice transcribed on the screen with translated audio. As an aside, you can learn more about Apple Translate vs Google Translate from our in-depth article.

11. iOS 14 Bonus: Block Clipboard Access for Vivo Y83

iOS 14 has made many internal revisions to protect your privacy. For example, now you get a notification on iOS 14 whenever an app tries to access the clipboard. You can have anything — password, sensitive information, banking details — copied to your clipboard, and apps getting easy access to it is not right.

Android 11 has already restrictions in place as to what apps can access the clipboard and what cannot. However, if you are running an older version of Android then you can find out apps with clipboard access and you can even block them from reading your clipboard again. 

So , That's All I Hope You Completely Get the things in your mind. These 11 Ways will Help You to Experience iOS 14 User Interface on your Vivo Y83 Device.

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