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iOS 14 Based MIUI Theme is an attractive theme for your Xiaomi Redmi device. This Xiaomi Theme will give you a pleasing look, a clean and decent layout, a completely revamped UI, and more cool features to explore. The icons are amazing, the notification panel looks beautiful with a completely new status bar, Settings looks better and other MIUI apps like Phone, Messages, File manager, Contacts and Volume panels have a similar layout which makes this theme more premium. This Redmi theme is completely free to use and you can easily download it on your Redmi or Mi device with the official Theme Store Link.

iOS 15 theme is a fully compatible MIUI 12/12.5 theme that works just awesome on Xiaomi Redmi 9AT. This MIUI 14 theme will blow your mind with its glance, characteristics, and premium design. If you are looking for Themes for MIUI 14 that can give your device a totally refreshing new look and enhance the overall layout, then this Android 12 Based Theme is the perfect choice for your Xiaomi Redmi 9AT. It’s an ideal mix of colors, consistency and probably you may find it as one of the best MIUI Themes for your regular use.

If you love trying new themes on your device and want a different look over your regular UI, then just download the iOS 14 MIUI 12.5 theme on your Xiaomi Redmi 9AT device running MIUI 12/12.5 with the official Mi Theme Store link.


Compatible on MIUI 12 - Android 12 Based iOS 14 Theme
Designed by Costantino Dizago
Theme Size: 29.5 MB


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