Apple iPhone 11 - Complete Unlock Guide

It would be a hard time when you forget your iPhone 11 password or enter the wrong password too many times on your mobile and result in an error message being displayed on your screen which says iPhone 11 is disabled.Then “How do I unlock my iPhone 11?” will be your first concern. In this article, we have identified a few simple ways which can be done by using a working computer and a fast-paced internet so that you can easily and quickly enable, and get access to your iPhone 11. 

Way 1: Unlock iPhone 11 via PassFab iPhone 11 Unlocker

If you want to access your disabled iPhone 11 without facing any difficulty, then we strongly recommend you use third-party software to help you overcome the problem. To be honest, there is an unevenness of software quality on the internet that can be ineffective or unreliable, however, through our strict and professional selection, PassFab iPhone 11 Unlocker stands out and will be your safest option to unlock iPhone 11. 

1.2 How to Use?

Step1: Launch PassFab iPhone 11 Unlocker

Once you are able to successfully install the software on your computer, click on “Start” on your screen under “Unlock iOS Screen.” This will let the bypassing start on your iPhone 11.

Step 2: Connect Your iDevice to Computer 

Next is to connect your iPhone 11 11 or any other device to the computer and you can use a USB cable that comes with your mobile, and click on next to continue

Step 3: Download and Save Firmware Package

 In order to download the correct firmware package, choose the correct path. And wait for a few minutes and check your network connection is prepared well. 

Step 4: Remove Lock Screen Passcode Successfully

Once the correct path has been downloaded, click on Start Remove, so that screen lock is started to be removed from your iPad. Lastly, wait for the process to complete. Afterward, you’ll be able to set up your device without the screen lock.

Way 2: Unlock iPhone 11 Remotely via iCloud

For wiping the disabled iPhone 11 error, and to start it all over again by a much simpler and effective way is to use iCloud. However, this way is only possible if you know the Apple ID and password and have enabled the option of “Find my iPhone 11” on your iPhone 11 . Follow the instructions below to easily recover your mobile.

On your Mac, or any other computer (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc), or maybe another iPhone 11 or iPad you might have at your place, you just need to log onto from the chosen device, and then click on Find iPhone 11 (remember the option must be enabled in your iPhone 11). Select the iPhone 11 that you want to unlock and click “Erase iPhone 11” and enter the Apple ID password again. 

And finally,  you are done with the simple process. 

 Way 3: Unlock iPhone 11 via iTunes

If the above mentioned do not work, then unlocking iPhone 11 by using iTunes will be another effective way.  Before using this method, you have to put the iPhone 11 into recovery mode first.  

Please follow the 3 simple steps below to know how to unlock iPhone 11 with iTunes.

Step 1: You are supposed to Launch the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Press and hold the Volume Up/Down and the Side buttons until the Power off slider appears. Drag this slider and power off your iPhone 11. Connect your iPhone 11 to the computer while holding down the Side button. Continue to hold this button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

Step 3: Finally, click on “Restore” to restore the iPhone 11 from the most recent backup. And now you can reset the screen lock passcode now. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Many Times Can You Try to Unlock an iPhone 11?

You can only enter the wrong password 9 times, more than that your iPhone 11 will be locked with a prompt “iPhone 11 is Disabled, connect to iTunes”.

2.How to Backup Data before Resetting?

You have a high risk of losing data if you are locked  out of your iPhone 11 for forgetting password. So it’s very important to back up your data every so often. However, if your iPhone 11 has been locked already. You still have a chance to unlock your iPhone 11 if your locked device can be detected by iTunes, you can: 

Step 1: Connect iPhone 11 to iTunes with USB and click the iPhone 11 icon.

Step 2: Click “Summary” and choose “Back Up Now”.

Step 3: Wait for the backup to complete.