Best Apple iPhone 8 cases: top choices to protect your smartiPhone 8

Apple’s latest iPhone 8 has finally been revealed, and Apple says that its ‘Pro’ line this year features its “most Pro iPhone 8s yet” - and it’s hard to disagree. With larger batteries, brighter displays, and an even more extravagant camera system than last year’s models, it’d be fair to say these iPhone 8s should last a few years.That means you’ll want to look after them, and although the iPhone 8 range’s Ceramic Shield returns, you’ll want to make your iPhone even more capable of withstanding the elements - and the occasional drop.With all that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best cases for the iPhone 8. Here are our picks.

1. Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case with MagSafe

MagSafe’s back, alright!

Reasons to buy
+MagSafe returns+Perfect fit 
Reasons to avoid
-Gets expensive when adding additional MagSafe options 

Apple revived its MagSafe branding last year with the iPhone 8 range, and it’s back again for iPhone 13. This iPhone 8 case offers the signature magnets that make it easy to line up for more efficient wireless charging.

You can also add additional items to your MagSafe case, including a new MagSafe Wallet that supports Find My - the tech used in Apple’s AirTags.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Leather Case with MagSafe

For a little more sophistication

Reasons to buy
+MagSafe compatible+Great texture
Reasons to avoid
-$10 more than silicone

If Apple’s silicone option feels a little basic for your tastes, then consider the company’s leather alternative. It offers much the same style (and functionality), with the same support for MagSafe accessories.

With it being leather, though, you’ll see it develop a unique patina over time that’s all your own, further helping your iPhone 13 stand out from the crowd.

3. Apple iPhone 8 Clear Case with MagSafe

Show off your Sierra Blue hue

Reasons to buy
+MagSafe compatible+Shows off your chosen device color 
Reasons to avoid
-Pretty pricey for a clear case 

Apple’s Silicone and Leather case options have plenty of color choices, but the tech giant also has a case for those that want to show off their iPhone’s original design.

The clear case is perfect for those that don’t want to feel like they’re hiding their new iPhone 8 in a case - particularly if you picked up the new Sierra Blue version. You’ll still get all the benefits of MagSafe, too.

4. Mous Limitless 4.0 MagSafe case

Gorgeous design with MagSafe compatibility

Reasons to buy
+Wood-style design +MagSafe compatibility 
Reasons to avoid

Mous has been in the case game for a while, and the company’s Limitless lineup has offered phenomenal protection and a unique, wood-panelled bumper case for quite some time now.

The fourth iteration is no different, and while the price may be a little more than you’d be willing to pay for a third-party option, it’s MagSafe compatible and offers AiroShock technology - which essentially puts little air pockets in the corners of the device to stop your iPhone 8 being battered by a drop on a hard surface.

5. Greenwich Design Blake MagSafe Leather Case

Make your iPhone a boutique item

Reasons to buy
+ Undeniably good-looking+ MagSafe included 
Reasons to avoid
- Very expensive 

Greenwich Design has been offering premium iPhone cases for a while now, but the company really has outdone itself with the latest Blake lineup for the iPhone 8.


Aside from the MagSafe compatibility, there’s a card-holder within the front panel, as well as cut outs for your device’s buttons. It’s pricey, sure, but with an electroplated shell that prevents scratches and bumps, it could be worth an investment for your device’s long-term safety.

6. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 8

Combine your iPhone 8 and wallet

Reasons to buy
+ High-quality leather+ Even buttons are protected 
Reasons to avoid
- No MagSafe 

Mujjo’s iPhone 8 effort is highlighted by its own integrated wallet, negating the need for an additional MagSafe one. That makes it much cheaper than buying another case and a wallet on top, but it also offers high-quality leather that protects your device - even the buttons.

It’s lined with a microfiber material to ensure your iPhone 8 is kept against soft materials, and can hold up to three bank or ID cards. There’s a raised bezel to protect your screen, too, as well as a raised section on the back to ensure your camera module is safe.

7. Zagg Gear4 Denali Snap for iPhone 8

Rugged and ready for anything

Reasons to buy
+ 16 ft Drop protection+ MagSafe allows for “snap on” functionality 
Reasons to avoid
- Lacking in color options 

Zagg’s Gear4 range has long offered a solid array of case options, and the Denali Snap is a great new entry. Offering a huge 16-feet of drop protection, anyone doing indoor climbing or with a penchant for stilts should check it out, but this version also has MagSafe, too (there’s another version without it if you’d like to pay less, too).

The Denali Snap also offers shock absorption throughout the back panel, as well as an antimicrobial treatment to help protect against bacteria buildup.

8. Totallee Super Thin iPhone 8 Case

Almost naked

Reasons to buy
+ Matte or clear options+ MagSafe at a lower price than most 
Reasons to avoid
- Not particularly eye-catching 

While some iPhone cases can add significant bulk to the device before you even get to MagSafe, this Totallee effort is so thin and light, it’s almost not there at all. It’s just 0.03-inches thick at its largest and weighs just 0.1 oz, helping it work with MagSafe charging.

It’s smart about protection, too, offering a raised bump around the camera system, and if you’re looking to add some more color (we see you, graphite iPhone 8 owners), then there are a range of Matte colors as well as the transparent one, too.

9. Otterbox iPhone 8 Defender Series

Call in the big guns

Reasons to buy
+ Rugged as they come + Included kickstand/belt clip 
Reasons to avoid
-No MagSafe

If you’re looking for a iPhone 8 case as tough as you are, then you’ve found it. Otterbox’s latest option in the Defender Series isn’t just military standard - it’s got four times the drop protection of the military standard.

That comes with a tradeoff, though, as the case doesn’t offer MagSafe compatibility (standard Qi charging is fine), but on the plus side, the integrated belt clip also doubles as a kickstand for watching movies or TV shows on your iPhone 8’s gorgeous display.

10. Nomad Modern Leather Case

Rugged leather and a nifty little trick

Reasons to buy
+Share a digital business card with a tap + Great-looking leather colors 
Reasons to avoid
- Fairly nondescript design 

Nomad’s effort may look pretty similar to Apple’s own leather option, and in truth, if you slapped an Apple logo on it it would be tough to tell the difference, but it does have 10-foot drop protection and some really great color options along with MagSafe functionality.

One of our favorite features, though, is the inclusion of the “Digital Business Card”, which can be shared via a tap on the device. It’s a great option if you’re expecting to do a lot of networking, and is sure to appeal to an audience with that in mind.