Ulefone - AOSP Android 12 Custom Rom-Download & Install

Ulefone is one of the most popular device in this world . The network Speed and Ram of Ulefone will be More faster after installing this Android 12 based Rom to Ulefone .To install Android 12 based AOSP Android 12 Custom Rom on Ulefone is very easy. Ulefone's Battery Life will be boosted when you install this rom on Ulefone. After installing AOSP Android 12 Custom rom on Ulefone , the Games and Apps will Never Ever LAG Anymore. Your Ulefone will be converted into a SuperComputer. Also after installing rom you can do hacking on Ulefone. Your Ulefone's multitasking will also get improved too. Also Ulefone will be able to get Android 12 Updates for further versions like Android 12 Update for Ulefone or AOSP Android 12 Update for Ulefone. Talking About Camera Quality of Ulefone ,after installing Android 12 rom on Ulefone the Camera will work comparable to DSLR Camera .Apps Like Whatsapp ,Facebook , instagram , twitter will Work on Ulefone like butter .After reading this you will be able to install stable android 12 custom rom on Ulefone .The processor speed of the Ulefone will also get boosted up. your Ulefone price will also get increased in terms of its using as compared to its previous versions. The Antutu Benchmarks Score for Phone will also increase after installing android 12 on Ulefone .lineage os 19 android 12 based rom will make your Ulefone full of features. Previously your Ulefone may have Android Q, Android 10 , Android 9.0 Pie or Android Oreo But All of us Know that Android 12 And AOSP Android 11 works Much better in Ulefone as it will fill Ulefone completely with  new Advanced features By Blend of Android 10 and Android 12. Finger Print Sensor and Fast Charging Features of Phone are Boosted in this rom. After installing the rom Ulefone will support 5G . As we are getting Updates from Ulefone with xda , Ulefone will also have some features of iOS 14 , After this you have Android 12 Update on Ulefone .Google officially highlights four Android 12 tentpoles for developers as part of today’s AOSP availability for Ulefone. This starts with a “new UI for Android” that incorporates Material You (referred to today as “Material Design 3”), redesigned widgets, Notification UI updates, and App launch splash screens for Ulefone.
Android 12-based AOSP Android 12 firmware for Ulefone offers all the useful and popular features to Ulefone like the Conversation Notification, One-Time App Permissions, Notification History, Chat Bubbles, Built-in Screen Recording, Improved Media Player, Smart Reply, New Power Menu, Scoped Storage, Wireless ADB, Pin Apps to Sharesheet, and more features on Ulefone.

It’s  based on Google’s Android 12 source code with a high of features on Ulefone and customizations. LineageOS also offers less installed apps depending on which Gapps package you install with it on Ulefone. The ROM is fully based on the recently released Android 12 and offers plenty of additional features along with a bunch of system improvements for Ulefone. Let’s check out all the useful and highlighted features of Android 12 below for Ulefone.

Some of the Features available to Ulefone after installing rom is :-

Scheduled Dark Mode for Ulefone, Smart Reply & Smart Folders for Ulefone ,Improved App Suggestions for Ulefone, Conversations Notification for Ulefone, Built-in Screen Recording for Ulefone, Pin Apps to Sharing Menu for Ulefone ,Improved Voice Access (Accessibility) for Ulefone, Bluetooth Active in Airplane Mode for Ulefone ,Improved Privacy & Security Features for Ulefone, A New Power Menu for Ulefone, Redesigned Device Controls for Ulefone, Redesigned Music Control for Ulefone, One-Time App Permissions for Ulefone, Permissions Auto-Reset for Ulefone, Chat Bubbles for Ulefone, Notification History for Ulefone, Wireless Android Auto for Ulefone ,Google Play System Update (Security Patch) for Ulefone, Talkback braille keyboard for Ulefone, Improved Lookout Mode for Ulefone ,Improved Camera features (Bokeh Mode, Built-in HAL, and Camera2 API support, Enhanced Digital Wellbeing for Ulefone ,Improved Enterprise Mode for Ulefone ,Improved Autofill Keyboard Suggestions for Ulefone ,Nearby Share for Ulefone, Scoped Storage for Ulefone, Resume on Reboot for Ulefone, Blocked Permissions for Ulefone, Soft Reboot for Ulefone, Background Location for Ulefone, Improved Call Screening (Identify Spams) for Ulefone, Picture-in-picture mode for Ulefone,5G detection API for Ulefone, Hinge angle sensor support for Ulefone, Ethernet tethering for Ulefone, Gesture sensitivity for Ulefone.

There are plenty of features expected from the experts and users that would come with Android 12 (R) on Ulefone. However, we’re not sure which things will be added and which not to Ulefone. Meanwhile, all the Android R features will be available on AOSP Android 12 for sure with Ulefone. So, let’s take a quick look at some of the expected Android 12 additional features below:-

Scoped Storage on Ulefone| NFC File Sharing Alternative tool or option on Ulefone |Full Access to Dark Theme and Scheduling on Ulefone |Extended Chat Bubbles & Smart Reply on Ulefone |Improved Animation Transitions on Ulefone |Enhanced App Permissions and Privacy Control on Ulefone |Improved APIs for Foldables on Ulefone| Connectivity on Ulefone| Media on Ulefone| NNAPI on Ulefone |Improved Biometrics on Ulefone| Video Recording Size to Unlimited on Ulefone| Wireless ADB or Wireless Debugging on Ulefone| App Compatibility on Ulefone| Share to Print on Ulefone

Some more additional you will get after installing this rom on Ulefone are :-
System animations|for Ulefone All-new physically-based animation engine with advanced architecture will refresh your device’s look.|for Ulefone Dynamic window technology takes switching screen orientation to a new level.|System visuals|Brand new visual design works for all types of content and languages.|Magazine-level layouts bring important things into the spotlight and make the content structure clear.|Privacy protection|for Ulefone MIUI 12 is the first Android-based mobile OS that went through the rigorous enhanced privacy protection testing.|for Ulefone Reset your device ID and control how it’s used based on virtual ID technology.|for Ulefone Grant permissions that will be used only while you’re using an app.|for Ulefone You can also grant permissions just once, and decide again next time a permission is required.|for Ulefone Restrict access to telephony to third party apps.|for Ulefone Return blank messages to the apps that require personal information. |for Ulefone Receive notifications whenever apps record audio, use camera, or access your location .|for Ulefone Use secure sharing to control what additional data is sent along with shared items .|for Ulefone Get comprehensive stats on how apps use permissions in app behavior history. |for Ulefone Visit privacy.miui.com to learn how MIUI protects your privacy.| Optimization: Apps aren’t allowed to launch other apps in the background now .|AI Call Assistant |for Ulefone Mi AI can answer your calls now!|for Ulefone You can record a customized greeting that will be played to the other person during AI calls .|for Ulefone Customized greetings are also supported for outgoing calls.| Xiaomi  Health |for Ulefone All-new Xiaomi Health gives you more options and makes your health stats more accurate .|for Ulefone Put your device next to you before falling asleep to analyze your sleep cycle and record talking and snoring .|for Ulefone You can sync data with supported wearable and smart home device s.| for Ulefone Xiaomi Health can remind you to stand up and move when it detects that you’ve been sitting down for too long .|for Ulefone The app also analyzes your stats and gives you simple health advice .|Control center |for Ulefone Swipe down from the upper right corner of your screen to open Control center .|for Ulefone Animated icons are a joy to look at!|Accessibility |for Ulefone Mi Ditto combines dictation and speech output, making mobile devices more convenient for people who have difficulties using conventionally designed smartUlefones .|Trips |for Ulefone Traffic and suggested routes to airports and train stations .|for Ulefone You can track your previous trips now .|for Ulefone Checklists for trips .|for Ulefone Alarms for train arrivals .|Mi Carrier Services |for Ulefone View your SIM balance and mobile data usage stats .|for Ulefone Save frequently used Ulefone numbers to top up balance and buy mobile data lat r. |for Ulefone Buy SIM cards and services .|Messaging |for Ulefone Promotional messages are grouped according to their content now .|Status bar, Notification shade |for Ulefone All-new design .|Weather |for Ulefone New animations bring the weather from outside directly to your screen .|Settings |for Ulefone Security introduces new comprehensive privacy protection mechanisms .|for Ulefone Lite mode simplifies your device and brings essential features up front .|File   Manager |for Ulefone Use the floating shortcut to filter and sort items, as well as switch view.| Calender |for Ulefone New layout tailored for landscape orientation is available now. |for Ulefone We added lots of fresh animations that will accompany your actions .|for Ulefone Calendar cards will remind you about important events and anniversaries .|Notes |for Ulefone You can create folders with notes now .|for Ulefone New dynamic backgrounds look gorgeous!|for Ulefone Tasks are completed with a satisfying animation now .|for Ulefone Checklists of subtasks make managing your agenda much simpler.| Security |for Ulefone New animations feel natural and refreshing .|for Ulefone Keep your home safe with smart home device alerts .|for Ulefone Binging your favorite shows will be more convenient with our new video toolbox.
This rom for Ulefone is mixture of AOSP Android 12 and Android 12 and MIUI 12.5 also.

In this site, we will show you how to install the AOSP Android 12 on Ulefone. Recently, Google released its latest stable Android 12 for the general public and for Ulefone. And with that, many OEMs were quick to adopt the same. First in the line were the Ulefone devices, which were anyways along the expected lines. Later Google released the AOSP source code for Android 12 which is undoubtedly the main ingredient to compile Android 12-based custom ROMs to Ulefone. Well, Android 12, Google’s 12th iteration looks similar to Android 11 but with a handful of new features and changes which comes to Ulefone. The update brings notification history, Chat bubbles, Conversation notifications, screen recorder, new media controls, smart device controls, one-time permission, improved dark theme with the scheduling system for Ulefone, app suggestions, wireless android auto, and many more to Ulefone.We provide Android 12 Custom ROM list, best Android 12 features, and many more.
Recently Google released the latest Android 12 Developer Preview for its Google Pixel Devices. This new developer preview can be installed on Google Pixel 4/4XL,5/5XL, Pixel 3a/ 3a XL, Pixel 3/3XL, Pixel 2/2XL. Soon after this huge release, developers around the globe started developing the Android 12 DP for other devices like Ulefone. Today we have got our hands on the latest Android 12 R Developer Preview for Ulefone. We will Install Android 12 R Developer Preview for Ulefone.


After performing these 25 steps you will install Android 12 - AOSP Android 12 - AOSP Andoid 12 Custom Rom on Ulefone.

Step 1. To begin with, turn off your Ulefone.

Step 2. Reboot your Ulefone device into Fastboot Mode.

Step 3. Connect your Ulefone to the PC using USB Cables.

Step 4. On your PC, open the ADB tools folder. Here open the command prompt. You can open the command prompt by entering cmd in the address bar. Then hit the enter button.

Step 5. Check if your Ulefone has been connected to the ADB tool or not by entering the  command –

Step 6. If you see the serial number, it indicates that your Ulefone has successfully been connected to the PC.

Step 7. Now in order to unlock the OEM of Ulefone, enter the below command – (Skip to Step 10. if you have already unlocked the OEM and Bootloader of your Ulefone.)

Step 8. Now you will see a pop-up on your screen. Simply choose ‘unlock Bootloader’.

Step 9. Your Ulefone bootloader will now unlock and factory reset will be performed on Ulefone.

Step 10. Now you will have to flash the TWRP Image file in Ulefone.

Step 12. Hit the Enter Button.

Step 12. You will now be in the TWRP Recovery Mode. Here you will see a number of options in Ulefone.

Step 13. In the TWRP Modifications, make sure to change the Slot of your Ulefone to Slot A.

Step 14. Then Go back to Home> tap on Reboot> tap on Bootloader. Your Ulefone now again entered into fastboot mode.

Step 15. Go to your PC and again enter the same TWRP image command and hit enter.

Step 16.  Now on your Ulefone device, go to TWRP Recovery Mode. You will now notice that the current Slot of your Ulefone will be A.

Step 17. Go to PC> Partition Resizer file. Choose the file type as per the storage of your Ulefone. Then move this file to the internal storage of your Ulefone.

Note – In case you are unable to copy or move this file to the device storage, go to your Ulefone, in the TWRP Recovery Mode, choose ‘Wipe’> ‘Format Data’> type ‘YES’> hit the Bluetick mark. Go back to the Home button. Choose ‘Reboot‘ and reboot the device. Then again flash the TWRP image file and change the slot. The file should now be able to be copied to internal storage.

Step 19. In TWRP Recovery, go to Install> choose the file and Swipe to confirm flash.

Step 19. Once the file is flashed, go to the main menu> format data. Again go back to Wipe>Advanced Wipe> Choose System. Swipe to Wipe.

Step 20. Go to main page. Tap on reboot and boot your device into fastboot mode by tapping on the bootloader.

Step 21. Go to your PC and in the same folder in the command prompt, enter the below command –

Step 22. Hit enter and you will soon see a message – Changing current slot to slot A.

Flashing Android R developer Preview File

Step 23. Open the Android R Developer Preview file on Ulefone that you downloaded from the link mentioned above.

Step 24. Double-tap on Clean flasher file.

Step 25. This procedure will take as long as 10-15 minutes. Hence, be patient. Once it is finished, your Ulefone device will automatically boot into the system with Android 12.

Once you see the Android 12 logo, you will soon receive a few errors or notifications. Just click ok and then you are all set to setup Android 12 on your Ulefone.

eI hope you have all found the article of use. In case you have any doubts, feel free to ask us about your Ulefone in the comment section below . We will be glad to help you out.

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NOTE - We are not Responsible for Any Kind of Bricked Devices , Do it At Your Own Risk

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