How can AI Recommend Clothing or Tell us What to wear . Yes It is True , Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is being used in Clothing and Textile and Fashion Industry . IT is Like that , At Morning when we are going out for office , we have to spend a lot of time in deciding what to wear as clothing . But Now AI can solve your this problem and In the Upcoming Sections we are Going to Understand that how these things can Work .
An AI Powered personalized clothing recommendation system based on expert system has been designed and developed in this paper, which aims to guide consumers to choose the suitable clothing on the perspective of professional match. The main work is the application of clothing recommendation and match experience provided by experts in personalized cloth recommendation. We have refined six factors affecting customer dress, transformed the thinking mode of experts into the electronic knowledge base and recommendation process that computer can handle. Recommendation based on expert rules uses experts’ knowledge which can map customers’ needs to product features and take customers’ attributes as the main consideration . The fashion industry has remained one of the top money-making industries in the world. Everyone wears clothes, and most want the best of the best style. Artificial intelligence will do nothing but make everything better, from the factories to the shelves. Making Artificial Intelligence a part of our everyday shopping experience helps the company learn what people do and do not like and make sure the customer gets exactly what they are looking for. Being able to predict accurate fashion trends will help companies sell their already made apparel and help create new looks that they don’t already have. The customer is the key, and Artificial Intelligence helps bring the customer exactly what they want or helps them figure out what they want. This ensures that consumers leave happy and keeps them coming back every season to update their seasonal look.

How to Determiner Customer Characteristics and Clothing Elements using AI

When experts design customer’s image, the first consideration is the customer’s skin color which influences the customer’s suitable color range. The second point is to consider the body type. The correct use of clothing version can make up body defects. In order to clarify the customer’s preferences, the style factor is considered. Each style has a corresponding theme color. Finally, the recommended results are given based on customer demand for clothing categories and specific colors. The customers’ information we collect are divided into two parts: objective factors and subjective factors. Objective factors refer to the basic attributes of customers, including age, height, skin color, and measurements of chest, waist, and hips. Height and weight measurements are used to determine the customer’s body type. Subjective elements are updated as the preferences of customer change, including style, preference color and category.

The Algorithm of Clothing Knowledge Base

Clothing knowledge base consists of three parts, including element library, color library, and recommendation rules algorithm. The element library is divided into customer elements and clothing elements which store the classification of each factor and the corresponding color range. Color library includes the correspondence of Pantone and RGB, color similarity calculation method, and basic color expansion. The rule algorithm includes the clothing’s main color identification algorithm and clothing matching rules. The matching rules are used to determine the matching between the customer and the clothing. The recommendation results are sorted according to the matching degree.
After the knowledge bases are decided, the system needs to search the clothing database for the clothing which meets the requirements according to the customer’s physical characteristics.

The Final Result of Artificial Intelligence Clothing Recommendation

Taking into account the current user’s usage habits, the system is developed based on mobile platform. For example, user A has a warm skin and an H-shaped figure. She is 25 years old and prefers vintage style. In the spring she needs a shirt with blue and purple color. The recommended clothing needs to meet the direct filter conditions of the shirt category and blue-violet preference color. The loose clothes can make up for the shortcomings of her thin upper body. The main colors of both garments conform to the user style and the basic color of the skin color. Similarly the AI will do the same if a teenage Boy wants to wear some cloth in party then he will Describe the things that he is going to party and these people are coming and this is the theme and Also Tell something about Friends then at the End the AI Algorithm will Find Best Garment for Him as a Result.

To Conclude

As many things are discussed in this blog about implementing the AI into clothing or Fashion Industry and Almost All Popular Fashion Companies have adopted the same AI to Decide the Clothing Recommendation for their customers . We have Talked about the Ai Algorithm used in decision process and how it is working together with studying the various factors such as human skin color , his relation with somebody and a lot more things . At the Last I would say that AI has a Big Importance in the Clothing Industry as of Today date .