Hello Everyone , without Wasting Any time Let us move towards the blog .Today we are gonna discuss about some Extra Features that are Packed with the Samsung S Series Flagship phone of the year 2022 on the planet earth that is Samsung Galaxy S22. The S22 comes with All New Android 12 , But S22 comes with Android 12 Blended with All New One UI 4.1 , So Before Moving Any Further Let us Talk about some Basic Specs of the S22 as Below :

Samsung Galaxy S22 Specifications and History

Samsung Galaxy S22 is Best Samsung Flagship Smartphone of 2022 under its Price Range , It's Body Contains Gorilla Glass Victus+ with Aluminium Frame Having 6.10" Dynamic Amoled Display as Well as Exynos 2200 Chipset.  In the Term of Storage the Devices Comes up with Various Sizes Such as 128GB with 8 GB RAM is my Best Choice. The Rear Camera Consist of 50MP Dual Pixel Sensor with 10MP Telephoto and 12 MP Ultra Wide Angle Camera , Also 10MP Dual Pixel Front Camera and 25W Fast Charging 3700 mAH Battery .

Samsung Galaxy S22 Secret Features

Samsung created the Galaxy S22 to be one of the most capable Android phones available in 2022 but, with it offering so much, it can be easy to miss some of its best features. For anyone that's spent a lot of time with Samsung devices over the years, that probably doesn't come as much of a surprise. As great as Samsung is when it comes to its displays, cameras, and so on, the company has long-struggled with overstuffing its software experience.
The All New Samsung Galaxy S22 comes up with the Android 12 Operating System Out of the Box with the Perfect Blend of Samsung User Interface One UI 4.1 . The below taught secret or Hidden Features are Found After some digging with the One UI 4.1 and Now Let us Start it in the Next Sections as Follows :

Smart Home Control Hidden Feature of Galaxy S22
First on the list, let's talk about smart home controls in Quick Settings. These smart home controls were first introduced in Android 12 and on phones from Google and OnePlus they're accessed by holding down the power button. Holding down the power button on the Galaxy S22 doesn't show any such controls, but they are still there.
Swipe down from the top of the S22's screen to view its Quick Settings, and from there, tap the 'Devices' button. This is where those smart home controls live in One UI 4.1, and while it's not quite as convenient as Google or OnePlus's implementation, they're still incredibly nice to have for quickly managing lights, thermostats, or smart switches.

Some Lock Screen Shortcuts in Galaxy S22
Outside of more recent features added to One UI, there are plenty of older ones that are easy to forget about if someone doesn't already know they exists — a perfect example being the ability to change the Galaxy S22's lock screen shortcuts. By default, the Galaxy S22 lock screen has shortcuts for opening the camera or phone apps. These are fine, but they don't have to stay that way if the user doesn't want them to. Open the Settings app, tap 'Lock screen,' and then tap 'Shortcuts.' There are then two options for 'Left Shortcut' and 'Right Shortcut' and by tapping on either one these can be changed to open any app that's installed on the S22. If someone wants the left shortcut to open 1Password while the right one opens Google Pay, that can be done. The shortcuts can also trigger a couple of quick actions, which include enabling the flashlight or turning on Do Not Disturb.

Bixby Hidden Feature 
While Bixby has gotten a lot of flak over the years (and rightfully so), that's not to say everything Samsung's done with the Bixby brand has been a total waste. In fact, the Bixby Routines feature on the Galaxy S22 is actually pretty great. Similar to Siri Shortcuts, Bixby Routines can be used for automating certain functions of the S22 so that it works smarter and not harder.
To access Bixby Routines, open the Settings app, scroll down and tap on 'Advanced features,' and then tap 'Bixby Routines.' The main Discover page shows recommended Bixby Routines to set up, tapping 'Add routine' allows users to make their own custom recipe, and 'My routines' shows any Bixby Routines that have already been created.

Secret SOS Function of Samsung Galaxy S22
Believe it or not, there's even more Side Key functionality buried in another settings menu. The world can be a scary and dangerous place and, should someone find themselves in a situation where they need help, the button can be used to send off an SOS message during a time of need.
Once again, open the Settings app and scroll down to 'Advanced features.' At the bottom of the Advanced features page is an option called 'Send SOS messages' — tap on it. Tap the toggle at the top of the page to turn the feature on, which then shows a pop-up of how everything works. When SOS mode is enabled, the Galaxy S22 will automatically turn on Wi-Fi and Location, share its exact location with emergency contacts for 24 hours, and send a message to those same emergency contacts to let them know that help is needed.
This SOS mode can be engaged after pressing the Side Key three or four times (this can be changed whenever), and along with the features outlined above, additional functions can be enabled as well — such as having the Galaxy S22 call someone after sending the emergency message or automatically capture pictures from the front and rear cameras and have them sent with that message. It's a feature that no one wants to ever have to use, but it's also extremely important to have it set up and configured just to be safe.

RAM Plus Feature
RAM Plus was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S22. It allows users to utilise the storage of the device as virtual RAM. Virtual RAM has been quite popular among Android smartphone manufacturers as it helps lower-end devices improve performance. With OneUI 4.0, the default RAM capacity was set to 4GB and there was no option to select how much internal storage can be used as virtual memory.

Material Color Palette Picker for Galaxy S22
GalaxyS22's Material You and Dynamic Theming features as a part of the company’s Color Palette system. With One UI 4.1, Samsung has improved the Color Palette picker by adding additional samples and a new rectangular preview, making it easier to choose the exact hue you want for your phone’s interface. The chosen color now appear in more apps from Google, Samsung, and third-party developers.

Hidden Smart Widgets of Samsung S22
There’s a new widget stacking feature with Samsung Galaxy S22 that can place multiple widgets in the same place, reducing the clutter and saving space on your home screen. Users can navigate between the widgets with left or right swipes. This is similar to what Apple has done with iOS 15, and Samsung Galaxy S22’s implementation is quite similar to Apple’s. It evaluates user contexts and actions to automatically display the most relevant stacked widget.

Galaxy S22 Hidden Camera Features
Samsung Galaxy S22 ability to capture Portrait images even in low-light conditions using both primary and telephoto cameras on the device. To activate this feature, head over to the Portrait section of the camera application, and the software will automatically switch to long exposure mode if the scene is dark enough. Now, just click a picture and keep your phone steady. Have you ever been disappointed by the limitation where your phone doesn’t let you use secondary and tertiary cameras in third-party apps like Instagram and Snapchat? Well, your woes are coming to an end. With One UI 4.1, you can access more camera sensors within your favorite apps. You can switch between main and ultrawide lenses by pinching out inside compatible apps. While telephoto lenses are not yet supported, this is still a significant step forward.

Grammarly Integrated Galaxy S22 Keyboard

Grammarly is a well-known grammar and language checker that tries to enhance your writing and make you look more presentable. Samsung Galaxy S22 has collaborated with Grammarly to introduce it to the Samsung Keyboard app. Grammarly for Samsung Keyboard can help you write clear, error-free, and professional texts, emails, and even Instagram captions. Grammarly’s suggestions appear in the correction strip above the keyboard, letting you keep the flow of your writing while making changes. Interested users can try out this feature by navigating to Settings > General Management > Samsung Keyboard settings and enabling the Grammarly keyboard integration under Select third-party content to use.

Extra brightness Hidden Feature of S22
While the Adaptive Brightness feature, which adjusts the screen’s brightness levels based on ambient lighting conditions, has been available on Android devices for years now, Samsung has now added a new toggle to increase the brightness levels to the max levels. When you disable Adaptive Brightness, Galaxy S22 adds a new toggle that may be used to force the display to its brightest setting. However, as indicated by the on-screen alert, activating this function would result in significant battery depletion and the display can get dimmer after a few minutes of usage.

Samsung Gallery Integration
The Other Secret Feature of S22 is the integration between Samsung's Gallery app and Microsoft's OneDrive cloud service. Your gallery content will be synced across Galaxy devices as long as you are logged into them using your Microsoft account.

Wrap UP

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Contains So much Features Specially Hidden Features that the List will Never End . So, The Above Listed Some Features are Important to be Known by Every Owner of Samsung Galaxy S22 . So , I Hope this Blog Helped you A lot.