11 Reasons that you should move from Windows 10 to Windows 11


Starting with Windows 8.1 , When the Windows 10 Update Came many People are so much attached to the Windows 8.1 that they were afraid of Windows 10 Update and Not moving Due to whenever a New Version of Windows came their are Certain Bugs and Talking About that the Last Build of the Previous Version of the Build that the user Already have is Always Stable , For Example the Last Build of Windows 10 was Quite Stable ,But Today here we will Talk about why you should leave Windows 10 and move along the 11th Iteration of Microsoft Operation System and that is Windows 11.

So , Without wasting any Time Let us move Towards the 10 such Reasons that you should Upgrade to Windows 11 Right Now as Follows:

Reason 1 : The Crash Less and Bug Less Build 25136

Windows 11 Build 25136 is the Stable Form of Windows Up to Date , Many People have Experienced the issue that After Sudden Install of New Windows , Some of the Feature Like the Most Common issue with Windows 10 was The Brightness Control is Not Working , Battery Widget got lost Somewhere and their are a lot of stuff Like that , But Seriously Talking After Upgrading my Own PC to Windows 11 I haven't Felt any of these Issues that were at the time of Windows 10, The Overall Build it 99% Crash Less as well as Bug Less

Reason 2 : Perfect Hardware Compatibility

Now After Testing the Software the main thing Left is Testing the Hardware . In Old Days It is Often Seen that After Upgrading to New Windows you have to face some of the Hardware issues such as Printer is Not Working , Touchpad Not Working as well as Bluetooth and WiFi not Working , Bu let me Tell you , Their is Nothing of Such thing with the Windows 11 , No Matter You have Upgrade Clean or Fresh Install or Upgraded by Keeping All Files , All the Hardware are Working Perfectly with Windows 11. But Before Upgrading you have to must read that what Hardware Specs are Compatible with Windows 11.

Reason 3 : Endless Gaming Experience

Are you a Gaming Fan ? If your Answer is Yes then Windows 11 is One of the Best Option for you to have it as a Operating System for Your Favorite Game . Normally in History of laptops and PC it was happened that after the Upgradation to the Newer Windows the Gaming Performance Affects a Lot as Well as the Game Crashes After some time and some of Hardware Function will Collapse , But such thing is Not Possible with Windows 11 , We have Personally Played Forza Horizon 5 Over Windows 11 and the Whole Gameplay was Good.

Reason 4 : No Waiting Time with Fast Reboot

The most awful thing in all times of windows is that the Time taken for Booting into the Operating System as well as Shutdown and Restart and Reboot is so much Long . Even if our work is of 2 minutes only with PC , we have to still wait for extra 3-4 Minutes Till the Final Boot up into the System and Even After that the whole system remains buggy and hanging for some additional time up to full Optimization , But After Testing the Same with Windows 11 We Found No Such issues , The Speed of Shut Down as well as Reboot in diminished Now.

Reason 5 : The Ultimate Dark Mode

The One of the Most wanted Feature that Every user wants whether it is Android phone , iPhone , iPad , MacBook or Surface Book is Dark Mode or the Black Mode , which Turns the White colors to Black and Black to the White , You can Also say that is is Kind of theme which we can name it as Dark Theme. To Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 is Possible by using some Software But Again their are some consequences such as Drop in Pixels of Display and more . But , In Windows 11 the Dark Mode or Dark Theme is Available by the System Itself , After Personal Testing I found Nothing Bugs in that.

Reason 6 : More Advanced Editing Features

In Windows 10 Paint 3D was Added that time , But Everything Else was same as that of Windows 8.1/8 and also that of Windows 7 , But In Windows 11 the Paint App is Modified and some extra Features are Added . The same Thing has Also been done with the Snipping Tool, More Screen Editing features are Added to it as well as On Screen Video Recorders are Optimized Now. The File Editing in File Manager ( This PC ) is Now more advanced and Speedy to Filter and Edit as well as Customize Files According to our Needs.

Reason 7 : Improved Task View  and Screen Split

The Screen Split Feature In which we can Two or more Apps Simultaneously is Now more Developed and Now some Extra Features are Added to it Such as Live Window. The Most Important change in Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 was Task View , We can Also Relate it with the Recent Apps Menu of the Android or iOS Operating System . The Task View in Windows 11 is Little bit more Optimized in the Feature of Virtual Desktop , After Personal Testing I Have Seen that you can now also change the Background of your Virtual Desktop.

Reason 8 : The All New Key Board 

The One of the Major change that I have Seen in moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is the change of Design , Theme , Widgets , Feature in the Key Board as well as New Emojis are Also Added with the Keyboard Addon Package. In these New Keyboard you can now Customize the Keyboard According to your Need in Terms of Color , Layout , Grid Size as well as the change of Widget Section.

Reason 9 : Windows 11 Now Support Android Apps

But Do not take Seriously , By Reading the Upper line you might be imagined that we can now run Play store in Windows 11 and Run Google Play Store.exe as Administrator . This Feature on Windows 11 is Still Pending , But Microsoft has Promised that Windows 11 will Run All the Android Native Apps in the Future.

Reason 10 : Removal of Bloatware

In these modern days Every Body Need their PC to be Neat and Clean . Starting from Windows 8 , Microsoft has Added a Big List of Bloatware Apps that time and the same was Placed in the Start Menu. This Thing was somewhat Improved in the Windows 10 But Apps Like Paint 3D was Still their and more of that types of apps we never used up to today date was also Present . But During the Development of Windows 11 the Microsoft Developers has keep this Thing in Mind and Almost Every Bloatware that was in Window 10 is Now Removed.

Reason 11 : Improved Camera and Sound

The Buggy thing of Windows 10 was that the Camera App was quite Old Fashioned as Well as The Sound System Mainly the Equalizer was too Bad . After the Upgradation to the Windows 11 I have Personally Tested the Camera App and the Base and Treble of the Sound Equalizer after Playing some Famous Music compositions and The Results were too Good . Also In Terms of Camera I Compared the Photo taken from same Laptop at same Place with Windows 10 as well as Windows 11 , The Result was Surprising with Windows 11.

The Conclusion

I Know that After Reading these Top 11 Reasons on Why Everyone Should Upgrade to Window 11 , You will be in Rush to Install Windows 11 . But I Personally Suggest you to Please Visit Microsoft Official Site and read all the Terms and Conditions as well as the System or Hardware Requirements Before Starting Anything and After Installing If You Found any Bug with Windows 11 on your System Then Please Tell us Through the Comment Section or You can Also be in Touch with me by Filling the Contact Form.


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