Best 3 Ways on How to Take Screenshots on Window 11?


The Screenshot is a most Powerful Tool in the world of Technology. Whether using an iPhone Device , Android , Mac book or Any System Installed with Windows Operating System the screenshot works in a same way . In our Normal Life Almost Everybody on this Planet Earth use Screenshots whether to tell somebody about new thing , Teaching somebody and Even in this Article we are using Screen shot to explain you How to Take Screenshots in Windows 11 as well as in Any Version of Windows .

This Time our main Focus is on Windows Only . No doubt with the Starting of Windows 8 release Windows has Introduced some Features to Take Screenshot But We say it Screen Capture that time and even in Windows 7 we can do the same But Few months Back with the Release of Windows 11 , Microsoft has Introduced some Extra Special Screen Shot Features and Improved the Existing Screen Capture Tools such as Snipping Tools and in the Below Guide we are going to Discuss the Same :

Way 1 : The Shortcut Key Method

If you are in Extreme Hurry , Then This Method is Very Useful for you , So without wasting Further Time Just Quickly follow the Below Steps :

  1. Be on the Page or Location of which you have to take the Screen Shot
  2. Press Windows + Print Screen Button from you Keyboard Simultaneously . ( Other Way Windows+ Shift + S Key )
  3. Open File Manager ( This PC ) and Go to Pictures
  4. There you can Find the Folder named Screenshots and there you go.

Way 2 : The Snipping Tool Method

The Way 1 is Only for the quick Screen shot or If you have no time , But If you want your Screenshot to be Perfect then The Snipping Tool is Best One For You . Here You can Find a Lot of Features and Modes such as Full Screen shot , Rectangular Screen Shot , Free Line Screenshot as well as If you want to take Screenshot after some Time Then Delay Option is Also Their for you .So Just Follow The Below Steps:

  1. Click on Start Menu and Type Snipping Tool and Click on that icon .
  2. Now You can See the whole Snipping Tool Application
  3. Now Click on New and a + Sign will show up and you have Select an Are to take the Screenshot.
  4. You can Also Explore the Further Tabs of this App to take Screenshots in Different Ways.
  5. After taking the Screenshot a New Window will Popup and ask you how to save this file as well as you can again Edit that Thing.

Way 3 : The Game Bar Method

If the Above 2 Methods are not working for you then You can Also Go for this Method . You know that many People use Windows Platform just for Gaming and by keeping in mind about that Microsoft has Introduced a New Xbox Game Bar and some extra changes are Also done in the Windows 11 . Now Follow the Below Steps to Access that :

  1. Place you Screen Anywhere at the Point you want to take the Screen Capture or Screenshot
  2. Now Press Windows + G Key Simultaneously 
  3. A Game Bar Popup Window will Open and In the Above Widget you can Find Screen Capture Tool
  4. Just use that Tool and you are done here
I Hope one of the 3 Methods will Work for you . If don't So then you can further contact us via Comment Section or By Reaching us using Contact us Page.


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