Best Ways on How to take Backup of Data on Windows 11 ?


 It doesn't Depends that whether you are using Windows XP or 7 or Windows 10 or the Newly Launched Windows 11 , The Data is the most Important Factor in every Operating System , Nobody Takes Care about the Operating System , Everybody rush Towards Making their data Secure and wish that it never Get Lost . But , The Update Now Button in Every Operating System is the most Key Player and Everybody thinks hundred times before clicking that Button and that Buttons Comes Up whenever you Get a Notification for the Upgrade from your Old OS But Before Doing Anything Make sure to Save your data to somewhere Else Because Nobody Knows that what Happens to data when your PC boots up into the New Operating System . Talking thoroughly them their is less than 1% chance that your data get lost but in the Windows 11 Update this 1% chance is more less Because Microsoft First Considers the Customer Safety and Privacy and Let me Tell You Windows 11 is more Safer and Secure than the Windows 10 as I Personally Tested .

But At the Last I Always Recommend that Before doing anything Big to your PC whether it is Software change , Firmware Update , Windows Update , Windows Reset Always have a Backup of your All Files on a Safer Side and The that I Always Tell that it is Free of Cost to make a Backup , It consumes Nothing But a Small Amount of Time. So , In this Today's Article our main focus will be Towards Windows 11 Although same Procedure can be Also Followed in Windows 10 or Windows 8 , So Let us Start the Backup Guide for Windows 11 and Follow all the Steps Carefully that are Mentioned Below : 
  1. Close All the Apps that are Running Currently on your System in Order to Boost your Ram.
  2. Now First of All have a Look on All the data you want to take Backup and Calculate that how much memory it will take and According to that Create a New File or you can Also Connect the Pen Drive or Hard Disk (Portable) Directly on which you can save the Backup File .
  3. Open Control Panel and under System and Security Click on ' Back up or Restore you Files '
  4. Now Click on Set up a Backup
  5. Now a Popup Window will Open in Which you have setup the Location where you would Like to Place the Backup File
  6. After Clicking on Next a Popup window will open and it will Ask you What to Backup and this is the Important Part So Tick Let me Choose Option
  7. After that various Options are Displayed in which you have to Select what you want to Backup whether it is Pictures , Videos , Documents , Music or some Another Kind of File , Just Select that.
  8. After Clicking on Next a Final Review Popup Window will Appear that warns you to Recheck Everything Before Starting
  9. After that you can Now See Backup in Progress
  10. After some time the Backup will be done 
So, Now you have Completed the Backup But one thing is Yet Remaining and I Suggest you that After taking Backup File Just Open the Location where you have saved Backup File and Cross Check If that File is Present their and Check it Size and date and Time and After Confirming Everything you are Now Free to Do Anything. But At Last I suggest you to keep Backup File in some extra Portable Hard Disk Also on the Safe Side .


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