How to Fix Stop Code : Page Fault in NonPaged Area in Windows 11 and Windows 10


If you have Reached out this Called then it is sure that you are Facing Some Blue Screen Error in your PC or Laptop Running on the Windows Operating System . Blue Screen Error is Nothing but it Happens Whenever you PC Suddenly Freeze and within seconds a Blue Screen Appears and on it the Written thing is " Your PC ran into Problem and needs to Restart We're Just Collecting some Error info , and then you can restart " and a Bottom Section stop code is written in small font and that is the most important thing because this problem can come to your PC in any situation and the stop code is the only thing that tells us from where that error is coming as well as if stop code is not their our whole lifetime could be taken to find the exact problem.

So , Today we are Going to Discuss on the Particular Stop Code and most common and that is " PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA " and During this problem the Windows can't find the Data Related to the No-Paged Area and in most common situation this problem only comes whenever some hardware problem is their or If some part of Storage drive is corrupt . So, In the Following guide we are going to Discuss 6 Various Methods that can be used to Solve this Problem and you have to must follow these methods step by step to solve the problem from root.

Method 1 : Uninstall the Faulty Software

It may be possible that you may be facing this issue after sudden installation of New Application into System and it is possible that app is not good fit for you hardware and causing some problem due to which System is unable to get the Data from non-paged Area and If you are sure that that the problem came after installing that then Follow these Steps Below :

  1. Close All the Running Apps
  2. Open Control Panel and move to the Uninstall Program Section
  3. then Find that Faulty Application and Uninstall it 
  4. Wait for some time and After Successful Uninstallation Restart you System
If the Problem got fixed you can find out by knowing that Blue Screen is now not appearing But If Still Coming then move to the Method 2 Below.

Method 2 : Disable File/ Folder Management

To do the Same Just Follow the Below Steps :

  1. Click on Start Button and Search for View Advanced System Settings
  2. A Popup Windows will Open and Now Focus on Performance Bar and Click on Settings
  3. After that another Popup Window will Open Now Click on Advanced Tab
  4. Click on Change and in the Next Window Untick the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives "
  5. After Pressing OK Restart the System
If you are Still Facing the Issue then move to the Next Method

Method 3 : Roll Back or Update Display Driver

By Updating the Display Driver can Solve your Problem and to do that follow the steps Below :

  1. Right Click on Start Button and Click on Device Manager
  2. Focus on the Display Adapter and Right Click on it
  3. Select on Update Driver then Click on Automatically Update
  4. After that If this Line is Coming " Best Driver is Already Installed " then move back and Now click on " Browse my File to Install "
  5. You can Try to install the Another Driver that is Different than Previously Installed one
  6. If you are Still Facing Problem then you can Also Roll Back the Driver
  7. To do that Right Click on Display Adaptor and then Click on Last option that is Settings and then go for Roll Back Driver
If you are Still Facing the Same then Move to the Method 4 

Method 4 : Repair Corrupted Files in Windows

Till Now we have discussed 3 Methods to Solve the Problem Bit If you are Still Stuck into same Problem then you have to dive deeper into Windows File and Repair the Corrupted Files that are causing the issue and to do the same just follow the below steps :

  1. Click on Start Button and Search for cmd and then Right Click on Command Prompt to Run it as Administrator
  2. Type sfc /scannow and Press Enter
  3. It will take some time
  4. After that Restart System
If Method 4 didn't Worked for you then Follow Method 5 Enlisted Below.

Method 5 : Scan for Hard Drive

Just Follow the steps enlisted Below :

  1. Click on Start Button and Open Command Prompt as Administrartor
  2. Type chkdsk c: /f/x/r and Press Enter
  3. It will Take Some time 
  4. After that Restart your PC
If the Problem is Still there then Follow the Final Method to Solve this Problem

Method 6 : Fix for Corrupted Ram

This is the Final Step and the Problem will be surely Fixed the following this method below :

  1. Click on Start Button and Search for Windows Memory Diagnostics
  2. Open the Application
  3. Click Restart Now and Check for Problems
  4. It will take a Lot of Time So Wait for System to Boot Up again
Now , I think by Using this 6 Methods , The Problem can be Solved , If you Still have any doubt then Reach to us with Comment Section or by Filling Contact Form.


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