How to Fix Windows 11 Random Freeze and Lag Errors ?


Have you Recently bought a New Laptop or PC Running on Windows 11 ? or Have you Recently got your Laptop or PC Upgraded to Windows 11 ? Then you must be experiencing a lot of Exciting Features of Windows 11 other than Windows 10 and Their is no Doubt that Windows 11 is much much Better than Windows 10 which is Personally Tested by us But As I Often says that If Anything is having Benefits then it is definite that their will be some Consequences of that thing as Well as you may Face some issues with that and It is a Practical thing . The Time when Windows 10 was Released Everyone was stick together with Windows 8.1 But After Getting Windows 10 they thought that Windows 8.1 was Nothing but as time passes they have to face some issues and it is 100% Possible , Nobody in this Universe is 100% Ideal .

The Microsoft Corporation has Developed these Windows Operating System by a much Hard Work that Nobody can think and Do do this Task Tons of Developers and Software Engineers have Worked Together but Even After taking much Precautions their are some issues that Popup Every time and Nobody can Stop and This thing can only be studied After using it for a Long Time , That is Why Microsoft Ran beta Program for Developers to Study and make changes and Even Windows 10 took Over 4 Years to get a Stable Version with no Errors But Let me Tell you that Windows Release Stable Version Every time and the Hardware of your PC or Laptop is the main Root Cause that is making issues and During the Update Windows First of All Give you Instructions to First of Check your Hardware or System Configurations . The Problem that is causing your PC in Trouble After Installing the Windows 11 may be Related to Anything either it is Hardware , Virus or it may be Possible that you have done any wrong Settings on your system as well as in BIOS too . So , Windows 11 is not wrong Anywhere but you need to Find out that what thing is causing problem as well as it is 100% Sure that your issue will be Fixed. Today we will Talk About on How to Fix Windows 11 Freezing or Lagging errors and In this Error your PC may be Hanging or Lagging Sometimes and In rest time it is Working Fine but Suddenly the Screen Freezes and It take time to come back from this . So, In the Following Sections we will be Discussing Some of the Methods on How to Solve this Problem :

Method 1 : Run a System File Scan

This is First and fore more Step to be Followed if your PC is Hanging .

The Steps are Enlisted Below to Apply Method 1 :

  1. Open Command Prompt and Run it as Administrator or you can Also Search for cmd by Pressing Windows Key and then Right Click on Command Prompt and Click on Run as Administrator.
  2. Type DISM.exe/Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and Press Enter
  3. After that Type sfc /scannow and Press Enter 
  4. Just wait for sometime , It will consume some of your Time
  5. Your PC will Restart and Now Check if the Problem is Solved or Not , If Not then  move to the Method 2 Below

Method 2 : Run a Disk Scan

It may be Possible that During the whole Installation some part of Disk get Disturbed or something odd happened over there and To Overcome you must Check for Disk Scan.

Just Follows the Below Steps to do the Same :

  1. Close Every Single App running and then Open Command Prompt and Run it as Administrator
  2. Type chkdsk c: /f/r and Press Enter
  3. Wait for sometime It will Take Some time 
  4. After Completion it will show the Results and Ask for Restart and During Restart it will take time During Booting Up to the System

Method 3 : Optimize the Display Resolution

After Following these 2 Above Methods If you  are Still facing the Same issue then It is Possible that their is a Problem with the Screen Resolution and you have to Optimize it to most Preferable digits.

The Optimization Process can be done by Following Below Steps :

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the Desktop and Right Click and Then Click on Display Settings
  2. A Popup Window will Open and then Scroll Down and Find Display Resolution Widget
  3. In the Drop down menu Just choose Another Resolution that is Best fit for you and then Just Close Everything

Method 4 : Check for Ram issues

It may be Possible that If your Problem is not Solved After Application of Above 3 Method , The Ram can be an issue and to Solve that Proceed the Following Steps :

  1. Press the Start Button and then Search for Windows Memory Diagnostic and Open the Same
  2. A Popup Window will Open and then Select on the Option " Restart Now and Check Problems "
  3. After that your PC will Restart and During Booting up to System It will Run the Ram Checkup and Take some Time
  4. If their Anything going Wrong with Ram then it will be Repaired Automatically

Method 5 : Expanding the Virtual Memory

After Fixing the Ram If you are Still Stuck in the same Problem then expanding Virtual Memory may Work for you as Follows :

  1. Press Windows Button and then Search for Performance of Windows and Select the First Search Result related to Control Panel .
  2. Now a Popup Window will Open and then Click on Advance tab
  3. Click on Change Button there and New Popup window will Open
  4. Now you have to Only Uncheck the " Automatically manage paging size for all drives "
  5. The Last thing to do is to Click n Custom size box and specify the Recommended Values given Below for Virtual Memory
  6. Now Click on OK and Restart the PC to Check if Problem got solved

Method 6 : Final Solution - Reset Windows 11 to Factory Defaults 

This is the Final Solution If you are Still Stuck into The Same Problem. So , Just Follow the Below Steps :

  1. It may be Possible that their is some setting which is creating the problem and their is no method to find that , so if we Reset All Settings to Factory Default the this may Help you .
  2. Click on Start Button and go to Settings and then Select System
  3. Scroll Down and Find the Recovery section
  4. Click on Reset Button and Select the Option Keep My Files ( Kindly Save your All Files or Create a Backup Before Further Proceeding so that you have to loose nothing )
  5. Follow All the Instruction that are coming and You are done Now
And That's All , I am Very Sure that Your Problem will be Solved by Using these 6 Methods . If you Still have Any Doubts then do not forget to be in touch with us by Filling up the Contact Form.


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