The Ferrocement : Composition , Properties , Procedure , Types , Advantages , Disadvantages


 Now a Days the used of Normal or Conventional Concrete or cement has gone Since People start inventing new type of concrete for new purpose and for that purpose again that new concrete gets under development and multiple types of concrete comes out and The same case is with the Ferrocement But Let me tell you that Ferrocement was invented a long time even before the Portland cement and now you may be shocked that how its possible so don't worry that time the cement was actually mud and People used to build their house using mortar of mixture containing mud + Rice Husk or some bamboo Sticks and that is the initial form of ferrocement but Now the mud got Replaced by Cement and husk get replaced by steel wires or wire mess can also be used and this mixture added with some of the aggregates finalizes it into Ferrocement or Ferrocement Concrete and The Name Ferrocement is comprised of two things Ferro + Cement and Ferro you all know means Steel wire and cement is cement . So, Now in the Next Upcoming Sections we are going to Discuss a lot of things about Ferrocement Starting from its Properties as Follows:

What are the Properties of Ferrocement ?

In the Following table All the Properties of Ferrocement are Enlisted :

  1. Cracking - Lower than Normal Concrete/Cement
  2. Tensile Strength - Higher than the Normal Concrete
  3. Toughness - Higher
  4. Fatigue - High Resistance
  5. impermeability - Higher
  6. Modulus of Rupture - Better than Conventional Cement
  7. Compressive Strength - Best Results than the Normal Concrete 

What is the Composition of Ferrocement and How the Batching is Done ?

Now we will Talk about that How a Ferrocement can be made in a Pug Mill or in batching Plant or On-site as Per Situations So, To Proceed Further we need Following materials :

  • Portland Cement ( Preferred but PPC and Also be used )
  • Sand or Fine Aggregates
  • Water
  • Admixtures
  • Steel Wire
  • Wire Mesh or Chicken Mesh  ( Optional )
Now we have All the Materials with us So , we can Start the Batching or Mixing and to do the same just follow the Below Steps :
  1. Take Rust Free Steel wire of Diameter 0.5 to 1.5 mm and Now Start the Cutting Machine and Start Cutting wire into Wires of Length 5 to 25 mm According to your case and make sure to take Volume of Steel wire equal to 8% of that Volume of Concrete and Now Throw that Volume into Mixing Tank or in the Batch .
  2. Take Portland Cement and Insert the Quantity According to the Strength you want .
  3. Take 2.5 to 3 Times of Sand of that of Cement and put that into Batch 
  4. Keep in Mind that Water to Cement Ratio should be Between 0.35 to 0.6
And , Now the Ferrocement is Ready .

What is the Procedure that Followed in Ferrocement ?

The one of the Most Important Application of Ferrocement is that the Construction of Circular or Curved Elements using Cement or Concrete is Now more Easy Due to this Type of Cement Because in Conventional Concrete or RCC the Heavy Steel bard are Used and much Power and Time was wasted on Tie Up of Reinforcement as well as other things But in Ferrocement you just need a Ready Made Wire Mesh and You can Start Concreting Within Our and that Wire mesh can be Transformed into Any size and shape and even we can prepare a whole cage of the Structure and some of popular Wire mesh are described in the Below Picture :

Now I think the thing with Wire Mesh is Clear so that we can Move to the Further Procedure in the Construction of Structure using a ferrocement . Now Let us Suppose that we are make a ship using a Ferrocement and using normal cement this is not possible but by ferrocement it is and we will make a complete cage of ship using the wire mesh and tie up together with Steel wire and Prepare the Shuttering mold where needed But Let me Tell you that in the case of Ferrocement the water cement ratio is low and the Ferrocement mortar is like a clay and it will stick and never Falls down and in this whole procedure we will have a little talk on how to make a boat out of ferrocement but now you will say that it will sink but in this construction process we will use lightweight concrete basically we will make a lightweight ferrocement and the true benefit of making concrete boat is that it will never rust as well as it will strong. The first step of this procedure is to collect all the materials Before starting anything and then moving to second method we will prepare a cage using wire mesh of the shape of boat .

So , According to the Diagram Just Prepare the Cage and your Cage Design may Vary According to you. After the Cage is Ready Prepare the Ferrocement Lightweight Mortar and Start Casting After Checking the Shuttering for any voids , Dents as well as make it Leakage Proof and After that Start Casting Every Part One by One and After Casting whenever you felt the final settlement has Reached Start the Curing Process Either by Gunny Bags or by Spraying Water but Now a Days Curing Compounds are Also use to do so , After 7 Days of Curing your ship is now ready for installation of Propeller the most important thing and So on the similar procedure will be followed to make these Ferrocement Structures.

What are the Uses of Ferrocement ?

Their are a Lot of Uses of Ferrocements and some are Enlisted as Follows :
  • It is used for making Shelfs
  • It is used in Ships 
  • It is used in Architectural Designs
  • It is used in Curved Sections
  • It is used in Lightweight Concrete Structures
  • It is used in sewage Manhole Covers
  • It is used in domestic Water tanks
  • It is used in making Bath Tubs

What are the Advantages of Ferrocement ?

The following are most useful Benefits of Ferrocement :

  • It Replaces High Cost Wooden Shelves and Furniture in Housing and Buildings
  • It Need Less Manpower
  • It is Crack Free
  • It can be Shaped into Any Design you want
  • It takes Lesser Time than Conventional Concrete
  • It is Lightweight
  • No Extra Shuttering Work is Needed

What are the Disadvantages of Ferrocement ?

The Following are the Disadvantages of Ferrocement :

  • It Needs Skilled Manpower
  • It is not as Strong as Conventional Concrete
  • It is not Sound Proof
  • It is Less Durable than the Normal Concrete Structure
  • The Wire Mesh and Steel Wires catches Rust Faster than the Steel tmt Bars

I Hope Today we have Discussed a Lot of Things About Ferrocement as well as its Properties , Uses , Applications , Advantages and Disadvantages . If you have any queries Regarding this Topic then Contact us by Filling up the Contact Form .

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