What are the Common issues that a Site Engineer has to Face ?


Yes Today we are Back with a Most Common Practical Problems that come in the Life of Every Site Engineer . Their are Site Engineers of many Types such as Electrical Engineer , Mechanical Engineer and Civil Engineer But Today we are going to deal with a Real Example of Civil Engineer or the Site Engineers that Belong to the Construction Field.

In this Article we are going to talk about different to different scenarios of the Problems and We will Also Tell you that how to tackle with All of these and we will discuss these in relative paragraphs and these problems came in both experienced as well as Fresher Site Engineer Both and Nobody can Stop this , Finally you have to Tackle these by Yourself . So Let us move to these issues Further.

The Problem with the Organization

It doesn't Depend that you are fresher or Experienced , The Organization will treat you in same manner because you may have worked in other organizations in Big Projects but you are now new to that Organization which you have recently joined and you have done zero in the favor of organization , So , Your Every Senior Person will be in rush to handle you all the Responsibilities and Nobody Tells you From Starting you have to tackle this in own way and Talking About the Junior Staff then some of them will try to make you fool because you are just 1 hour old in organization , But do not worry mate this problem comes in everybody life and no one can run from it . The Solution to tackle this problem is that you have to pretend that you have understood everything and after some days of spending in organization you will get through the things and then you will have command on Everybody.

The Problem with Contractors

First of All the Big Problem is that their will be a Tons of people working for you and it will take time for you to get who is working for you and to whom you are working because in certain organizations the people either he is engineer , contactor , Operator , Foreman or Manager or Head wear same Uniforms and same colored Helmets and with this ongoing issue the Contactor will sometime pretend that they are boss but it is not like that you are the boss of your site and the Senior engineer and manager will only visit site in major issues , So Rest of that time you are boss of the site . So First of All after joining site tell your reporting officer to introduce you with All the Staff as well as Contractors So that Confusion can be Nullified But in case you are still Confused then the only solution is to take some days of time and look how the things are going .

The Problem with the Concrete

Yes In the Life of Civil Engineer everyone has to tackle with Concrete if you are Working in a Construction Industry . The Concrete may be Problem with you due to many Organizations specifically Building Construction are having their own Batching Plants and the Concrete from that cannot be rejected If you are Buying Concrete outside your company then you can complaint against that as well as you can stop the concrete as per powers and authorities of site engineer But The Concrete from the same house cannot be rejected and if you do the same then your higher authorities will make pressure and the main Problem with concrete will be sometimes it will not be Workable means that it will have very low slump as well as high slump and sometimes it happens that the Temperature of Concrete will be high and sometimes the Flow of Concrete as per flow table test is too high or tool Low So the only and only solution is to do all the Calculations for the Admixtures and After Comparing with the Batch Sheet ask your technician for Redosing the Concrete and After everything seems fine check all the values and Approve the Concreting.

The Problem with the Client

During the Running of the Project the Representatives from the Client Office will come on Round and they mainly deal with site engineer only neither with Senior Engineer nor Manager . So , the Client may be a Problem for you but don't worry If your work is good they will support you and some clients are very supportive in nature because at some age they were also gone through this life as a site engineer But sometimes if they see any Cracks as well as Honeycomb they will crash on you . During the casting of columns , beams and other small parts client never came , they only visit whenever some big thing is going on such as slab casting and they will try to make a mess their and whenever they come for visit their main motive is to find the ways to stop construction and mainly it is related to concreting . So Always Remember to check all the Shuttering Work , Concrete Slump , Flow , Temperature and Always Keep a Copy of Batch Sheet with you ( sometimes they will ask for batch sheet ) and After the Concreting is done They will again come and they will Only See these 3 Things - Curing , Cracks , Honeycomb , So make sure Everything related to this is fine and mainly the Surface of Freshly casted Concrete should we Wet as well as Curing Compound must be Applied If Applicable.

So , I Think the one of the Main Components has been Discussed Now and If you are having some Queries Related to this Topic so Feel Free to be in Touch with us . Thank You !

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