What is the Purpose of OTE Ducts in Underground Metro Rail ?


 Well , Everyone know that what a duct is and where it is used . For a formal Introduction Let us First Define the Duct , So a Duct is nothing But a Simply whole in any Part of Structure which is the Only and Only Medium for air or Anything else to travel from this side to the other site and The Full Form of a OTE Duct is Over Track Heat Exhaust Duct and from the full form it is clearly clear that OTE Duct is used Only for Passing the Heat Directly from the Tracks of the Rail to the Outer Atmosphere to Maintain the Stability and in the Following some of the part we are going to discuss each and every matter related to the OTE Duct as Follows :

What is the Significance of OTE Ducts in Metro Project ?

A Metro Project is Incomplete without the Over Track Exhaust Duct , Because During the Transition of a Metro Rail in Tunnel the Heat is Produced due to Friction between Wheels and the Tracks as well as We All Know that Metro Train runs at a High Speed and Whenever it Runs the Air or Vacuum of the tunnel is Carried out by Rail Itself every time during Arrival as well as Departure at Station and we all know that metro station is present inside the ground of earth where their is no medium to transfer air So the OTE Ducts comes into Play at this verge and At the Cutoff Sections of OTE Duct two Different type of Exhaust fans are Fitted One is for Vacuum and Another is for Devacuum means that one Fan is Towards the Station and whenever the metro leaves the station it will took the air Along with it and then the absence of Air is Filled by this Fan and Then the Another Fan is Exactly opposite , Whenever the Metro Arrives at Station it take air along with itself and that air is then thrown Out by this Fan and Similarly the Process Continues all the Time and Now Talking About the Significance or Importance of OTE Duct in Metro Rail . If OTE Duct is not Present in any Metro Station then the People standing nearby rail may be attracted by rail and get Injured as well as the Temperature Inside the Station will Rise Day by Day.

Which Elements are Used to make OTE Duct ?

Mainly the OTE Duct is Made Out of Concrete because it is Strong as well as Durable But It can also be made out of other materials also but Keep in Mind to design it so that it can resist that much amount of Air Pressure such as :

  • Concrete
  • Galvanized sheet 
  • Aluminium
  • Polyurethane
  • Carbon Steel
What are the uses of OTE Ducts ?
The Following are the uses  of OTE Duct:
  • It is used to throw out the Heat inside Station
  • It is used for Ventilation
  • The Extra Electrical Wiring can be passed throughout this Section 
  • It is Used to maintain the Humidity Inside the Station
  • It is One of the Heat Dissipation Methods being used in Heavy Engineering and Construction.
Now , It all Done some of the major factors of OTE Duct are discussed and if You any Doubt Related To that then Contact us Trough the Comment Section.


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