What is RCC - Roller Compacted Concrete and How it's Made ?


 Every Time we use Concrete we Always want it to be Workable and It should give Fine Finish , But Today we will Talk About a Special Type of Concrete that is Neither Workable Nor Finished . The name of this Concrete is RCC and its Full Form is Roller Compacted Concrete and RCC is Nothing But a Special Kind of Concrete having Zero Slump Which is Compacted and Finished using Roller Compactors mainly Pneumatic Roller Compactors , We can Also say it a Dry Concrete but not fully .

The main Component of this Type of concrete are only 3 Things Cement , Aggregates and Water , Any Other Material is not used in This But Sometimes Low Water Admixture may be Needed . This Type of Concrete is Specially Designed to Construct the Road Pavements and in this Article we will be Going to Discuss each and Every Point Regarding this Concrete .

Which Equipment are Needed During Roller Compacted Concreting ?

Not So much Expensive Machinery is Needed in Roller Compacted Concrete . We All Know that Roller Compacted Concrete is Mostly used in Laying the Roads and Highway Pavements and the Equipment which are used for Bitumen Road Laying Process are Similarly used in this Roller Compacted Concrete and Enlisted as Follows :

  1. Pug Mill
  2. Buck-hoe
  3. Pneumatic Tire Roller
  4. Bulldozer
  5. Conventional Paving Machine
  6. Dumper
  7. Power Trowel
  8. Water Spray for Curing

Which Materials are used During Batching of Roller Compacted Concrete ?

The Materials that are Normally used in Conventional Concrete are used  in RCC in the same Manner and Following is the List :

  1. Cement
  2. Aggregate
  3. Water
  4. Low Water Admixture
  5. Fly Ash

How the Roller Compacted Concreting Concrete is Made ?

As Enlisted in the Above List these 5 things are used to Blend Together and the Final Mix Result into the Roller Compacted Concrete . First of All Make Sure that the Pug Mill is Ready to be used and Also the Mixer Container should be Dry to Ensure Proper Mix Composition and Now add the Admixtures into the Mill , The Continuously Graded Aggregates are Preferred in this Type of Concrete and and make sure that the Quantity of Aggregates is 70-75% of Total Mix by Volume . Now it is Time to Add Cement and Now Add Cement Only 12-15% of the Total Mix Quantity and Now Add Water of Percentage that is Remaining After Considering Cement and Aggregates and Now we are using less amount of Hydration So the Heat of Hydration will be High and to maintain that we will Add Approximately 5-10% of Total Quantity and The major issue left with us is Low Water to Cement Ratio which can Result into High Shrinkage and Cracks at Early So to Overcome this Final Problem we will add 0.5 to 1% of Low Water Admixture and At Last Turn the Rounds of PUG Mill and wait until Proper Mixing of Concrete.

What is the Procedure of Laying a Road Pavement using Roller Compacted Concrete ?

Now the main Part of this Article have came , So in the Following Lines we are going to Discuss All the Steps to be taken During Laying of a Road Pavement using Roller Compacted Concrete as follows :

  1. Place the Concrete mix into the Dumper using a Lift from the Pug Mill and Get it Ready to be Transported to the Site .
  2. At Site First of All Before Receiving the Concrete make sure to Adjust the Conventional Paving Machine Properly and On Reaching the Dumper place the Concrete Inside the Paver machine and Start Moving
  3. Now as the moving of paver machine Check the Thickness of the Pavement after Frequent moments
  4. Now it is Time to Run the Pneumatic Rollers over the Pavement
  5. For Perfect Levelling use the Power Trowel for Finishing the Pavement Finally
  6. After some time Spray Water Over the Pavement after Certain Moments Regularly But in these Days Plastic membranes are used for Curing.
  7. On Next Day Check the Core Cutter Test According to the Standards and After that Allow the Traffic

What are the Applications or Uses of Roller Compacted Concrete ?

The Applications of the Roller Compacted Concrete is enlisted as Follows :

  • It is Used in Highways and Roads
  • It is Used in Dams
  • It is Used in Factories
  • It is Used in Parking and Service Areas
  • It is used in Material Handling Yard
  • It is used in Apron and carriageway of Airports

What are the Advantages of Roller Compacted Concrete ?

The Following is the List of some of the Benefits of Roller Compacted Concrete :

  • It Results in Heavy use Pavement in Less Price
  • The Pavements made using Roller Compacted Concrete can bear Large amount of Loads for Long Time
  • The Bonding Strength Between Cement and Aggregate is Very Strong than the Conventional Concrete
  • The Drying Shrinkage is Very Small
  • The use Water and Admixture is Very Less
  • The 28 Days Strength can be achieved early

What are the Disadvantages for Roller Compacted Concrete ?

The most Common Disadvantages of the RCC is Discussed in the following Few Lines :

  • It is a Time Consuming Process than the Conventional Method
  • It Needs more Manpower than the Normal Method
  • If Finishing is Not Done Early the Surface Texture will not look Good
  • It is Not used in Flexible Pavements
  • The Surface Provide not Skid Finish
  • It is Sensitive to Freezing Temperature of Winters 
I Hope Now Everything is Discussed in the Above Article Regarding the Roller Compacted Concrete . If you have Any doubts then make sure to Contact Us .

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